LyricsAbstract:Poetiks (ft. Sleep Sinatra)
Concept: Image & Allusion on Illusion & Confusion...

>1st Verse---Sleep Sinatra---
[Insert Here]

>2nd Verse---Verseatyle---
Image-spittin verbal-stunners...rollin' wit mean stomachs//
innovation stayin straight while strollin thru the cave-of-wonders//
these thuggin gunners poppin shit, it doesn't matter see?...//
I zap they energy like opposites-of-batteries. //
battle me? Shuttles never touchin' my level,//
thoughts piercein' thru metal even in Death, i sever devils//
with ev-er-y line, rhyme is a way of self-expression//
FUK THA GOVERNMENT...AND the Corrupt...who teach us lessons//
on how to live a life-without-life, no sight-beyond-sight//
cancelin' flights above clouds to see the guidin' light//
how Wrong is Right, Smitin' ourselves cuz Hands are Idle//
mirror's the rival..."Death-Wish", "Anthem-Recital"//
Raiders wit Large Rifles is the strategy...//
Assault & Battery...cultural tragedy, Savagery//
in actuality, they fukin slittin' our wrists//
but Ignorance is Bliss, sorry kids, class dismissed...//

(Chorus x2)
This world ain't really what it seems to be...//
I try to educate my goal for the God Degree//
but enemies wait within the woodwork for me//
so im forced 2 cross the forest from the top-of-the-tree...//