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"The Froz3N Hands EP"
Coming Winter '07...

THE very first independant EP release by Lyricist/Producer "Verseatyle" featuring 7 tracks of RIDICULOUS original hip-hop flavor that this world's been missing (and badly needing) since "Tree City"s "The TreE.P." release back in Summer '07.
The EP features a few guest spots taken up by in-house artists, PLUS a special Bonus track by Ypsilanti's-own local legend BMC titled "A Hit of Hip-Hop".

Tracklist: (NOTE: tracklist subject to change)
1. IntroMental
2. Ascension
3. Never Free
4. Say, Word?
5. Froz3N Hands
6. TreeLekTriCity
7. A Hit Of Hip-Hop

Be on the scope: Dec.10th, 2007

"InstruMentality" LP in the Works...
Producers: AnomaLEE & Abraxas

This full-length debut instrumental LP comes from the mindscapes of the prodigal newcomer "AnomaLEE" and Tree City mastermind "Verseatyle" (aka Abraxas) as a stand-alone testament to TRUE hip-hop production at it's finest. You've been warned...


Tree City full-length LP ....Fact or Fiction???? ;)

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