Our Services

For guidance into the services we offer please consult our Philosophy page where we have outlined what we believe and value about horses based on our own experiences, the experiences of others and trainers whose methods we respect. 

Services we offer
-Starting under saddle
-Float/truck loading
-Selling/searching on behalf

Starting under saddle
This is an exclusive service due to the way we like to start under saddle and train our equines. We cannot prescribe a set method as we feel the way a horse is
started, is unique to that horse/pony. If you are interested please email us to further discuss options we have available. Starting under saddle for us involves getting the horse respectful and using the thinking side of his brain on the ground first. We do lots of jumping, leaping, hopping on their backs etc to simulate a person up there! Again though depending on the horse, we cannot prescribe a time frame. This service also includes a daily diary- also emailed daily, with regular photo updates about your horses training and general demeanor. This diary is so you are aware of what work your horse is receiving and can also provide an opportunity for you to reflect on what you would like included in the programme or anything you feel we may be doing that goes against your horsemanship philosophy. At the end of the day the horse is being returned to you and trained for you, so its no use producing horses we want, unless its what you want! Please click here for more specific information on this service.

As with breaking in, each equine is different. We cannot outline a specific training programme without the prior knowledge of what an owner wants out of their equine. Please email us further to discuss what we can do for you. We can work on specifics such as desensitising, lunging, moving all parts of the horse on the ground and more. With riding we can help with establishing snappy transitions, holding gait, soft head carriage and/or movement of the horses separate body parts. As explained above each horse comes with its own personal diary and photo 'journal'. Please click here for more specific information on this service.

We are happy to share our knowledge with others and welcome the opportunity to teach people what we know. There is the possibility of ponies being provided, this would be discussed on a person to person basis. For riding lessons it would be dependent on the availability of suitable mounts. Check out the 'Lessons We Offer' page for more information on this :). We love to share our ponies and knowledge with all who want to learn and listen! 

We enjoy helping people with their horses, and learning alongside other equine enthusiasts. Please feel free to contact us regarding anything horsey. 

Selling on behalf
We are happy to sell on behalf of people who for what ever reasons, are not able to do so. This would be arranged in a way unique to every equine and owner so please contact us for more information.

Searching on behalf
We like to think we are well informed with what is happening on the 'horse market' (for want of a better word) and would feel privilege to assist with searching for the correct equine partner for you. Not all horses are suitable for all people and it takes a certain skill and knowledge base to assess this. It would be our pleasure to offer unbiased feedback, further research or pose possible questions that may be of value to ask to people on the hunt for that perfect partner. Within reason we would also be willing to view ponies on behalf.

Rescue Horses
There are times when we have space and time to help with the rehabilitation and rehoming of horses in need. We are well aware of the implications of rehoming these types of horses and they are not re-homed to just anyone. If they never become suitable for rehoming they will remain in our care, though there is always the perfect home out there somewhere :)