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19 July: With the Facebook craze well and truly happening, I am finding the website almost obsolete! We will be updating regularly on there however! Look forward to seeing you there. You can also find interesting things on our blog

15 May: Since moving to Ashhurst our herd has gone from 4, to 2 to one! Dakota has found a lovely home with a friend in Feilding where he is being an absolute gem for her children and I sold Mindy to some people I know in Levin. Jazzy has gone back to Taranaki for the winter, leaving only Jewel here on the property. I rode Jewel for the first time on the weekend bridleless, a feat I never thought I would achieve, I look forward to doing this in a more structured way in the future and do more complicated things :)
22 Jan: 2013 has begun with a whole new start- new job, new house and whole new outlook on life! Currently all 4 horses/ponies are at my Ashhurst flat/grazing. Jazzy is off to a friends up the road this after noon and Mindy will also be spending some time with friends. They have all settled in really well- apart from Jewel who is missing the herd of 20 horses she ran with all summer at Lisa's house. We have set up an very cool little play pen- only things left to organise are some poles to drag around and a little gate set up to practice yielding over to and opening!