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05 September 2012: I thought I had missed winter!! Unfortunately it arrived and the ponies are deep in mud! I had them down by the house for a week so this had them out of it for a bit and on lovely long grass! I have recently finished watching Parelli's Liberty and Horse Behaviour, 16 DVD set! Amazing, I feel like it has taken my horsemanship and understanding to a whole new level. I have also watched about 20 past Savvy Club DVD's, many of which have been on fluidity! Fluidity is simply explained by the Parelli's as Do what your horse does, and do in your body what you want your horse to do in his. Check out this link for more on fluidity.  This too is allowing me to be a better partner for my horse and be more understanding of how they move and how they need me to move! I am enjoying the challenges Dakota is posing, I am having to really step outside my current imagination to make sure that I am engaging his brain, I know I am on the right track when he is more 'interested in me' than he is the grass!! (This interest has no fear or worry in it!! Just wanted to make this clear, it would be very easy to make him 'too scared' not to look at me, but I want him looking to me because he is interested and engaged). 

17 August 2012: had a fun play today. Renee is doing superbly, she played the touch it game with Jewel and they were very connected. Jewel was confident and responsive. Jordan played with Dakota, teaching him some of the principles of certain maneuvers.

11 August 2012: Well our plan of reducing numbers never seems to happen! Danny moved to his new home last week and I am picking up a new pony, Dakota, tomorrow morning! Dakota has a few behavioural issues that need straightening out! If it was any other horse I would not be getting another one! My main reason for wanting Dakota is for my own growth as a horsewoman. I have lots of experience and have had a heap of success with horses that are right brained (instinctual, fear based, not confident) and a wee bit of experience but not so much success with left brained introverts! In the past I have improved left brained horses but never feel like I get the relationship right with them, which helps get them to higher levels of training. So am looking forward to meeting Dakota. All I know is that he is a kaimanawa gelding! See below for a few snaps of him :)

10 July 2012:  alot has happened since March. I have moved to Mataroa, just North of Taihape, on my first teaching job. Danny and Jewel are living here with me, Maverick in Palmerston North with Jordan and Mindy, Sundance and Jazzy back in Taranaki at Lisa's place. The horses are all wintering well, even my 2 Taihape horses with frosts nearly every morning and some below zero- as cold as -8- temperatures! All of the horses are listed on trade me as both Jordan and I are very busy with work and study commitments. I am currently expanding our Facebook page so check there often for regularly updated photos and statuses.

10 March 2012: Well we spent the summer apart this year with Jordan working on and dairy farm in Reporoa and me back home to Taranaki. In light of this we haven't been updating due to slow dial up internet! The summer for me wasn't as productive as I would have liked. I got out for a handful of  long treks with friends which was really nice. Jazzy had her foundation rides and has been turned out to grow- the plan is that when she comes in she will fit one of my saddles as she has only been ridden bareback!!! Jewel has unfortunately hurt her shoulder... at least I think thats where she is sore. She is not 100% any way, so after quite a few successful rides she is back out again. I am so impressed with Jewels ridden temperament! Pretty much pulled her out of the paddock and hopped on, pleased to see all the prep work earlier has paid off! Mindy has learned all about the big wide world after being paddocked separate to her mum with the unhandled 3 year olds! It took her a bit to realise her place was at the bottom but she has it well and truly sussed now!!! Will be moving back to Palmy in a month so looking forward to getting back into routine.
Here are some of our holiday snaps.
From left: Dazey, Danny and I at Tahora music destival, Jazzy and Danny, Jordan with Mindy and Halo in December. Jordo in Red for an art piece, mustering the wild kaimanawas at Lisas house, Kiwi Road ride- LONG tunnel!, Summer and Pepe, Rosy, Toi Road ride (Chandra on Danny), Teeth day- Jordan with Sundance and Greg the vet, Jewel and I on the Toii Road ride!