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December 2010
  • MINDY IS BORN :) On Saturday the 4th of December Sundance delivered Mindy. All went well, both mum and baby are happy and healthy. On the 2nd day we visited her, Aunty Jewely pushed poor Mindy in the drain! Thankfully Jordan and I were there to save the day! Lessons began for her the day she arrived, based on foal imprinting philosophies, but not strictly adhering to.

October 2010
  • In January 2011, Versatile Equines will be based in Palmerston North. Jordan is currently completing his Vet degree, so we will be here for the next 4 years! While in Palmerston North our focus will be on our studies (Primary Teaching) and working with our equine partners. We look forward to meeting fellow horse riders in our new location.
  • Pleased to confirm Sundance is definitely in foal!!! She is HUGE
August 2010
  • Have made a break through with Jewel she is happily standing in the paddock and getting big neck scratches. Not keen to hang around for long periods of time but is coming when called and fighting Sundance for my attention! Sundance is HUGE. Looking forward to a foal around December!!! Queen has been ridden 3 times, bareback in just a halter at this stage. All ponies are currently turned out due to winter and the amount of mud!!! Looking forward to getting back into it when the weather is more reliable.... ohh for an indoor arena.
July 2010
  • Rock- now named Max- finds a new home with Tracey. Loved and pampered with a rug and a stable there are no complaints from Rock about his new home! Below is a picture of him at a local dressage day, he did very well, got 3rd equal and 3rd for rookie rider. He addapted well, even though he did spook at the letter A before going in and he went backwards Tracey went forward and fell off over his head and took the bridle with her... she said it was really funny. He is loving being in the stables and gets on well with Jay (Tracey's other horse).

June 2010
  • A new pony joins the team! Syndod, is a wild capture Kaimanawa from the 2008 muster. Have known her since she came in as she was a friends pony, and grazed near-by. Sindod is the smallest, only about 13hh, at 3 1/2 she is almost completely unflappable. Proving to be a lovely wee riding pony and a pleasure to own and handle :). Cannot wait to get her out and show her the world.
  • Two years after his arrival in captivity from the 2008 Kaimanawa muster, Comet has moved onto a new home. After demonstrating what a quiet wee pony he can be (at only 3 1/2 years old!), found a lovely new home with seven year old Casey. Still learning to ride Comet will provide her with safety and love as she continues to develop her passion for horses. Happily settled with his new paddock mate Eddie, he seems content with his new surroundings and family.
April 2010 
  • Jewel is transported by horse truck from a friends place (where she was bred: Rhythm Sport Horses), to the yards at home. Settling in with Queen to learn the ways of a domesticated horse. Never handled, Jewel will spend time hanging out in the paddock until she becomes comfortable enough in her new surroundings and trusting enough of humans to begin the next step in her training.
January 2010
  • The official purchase of Spring. Having known Spring since a foal and breaking her in at 3, the opportunity arose to officially buy her as my own pony. Another member of the Versatile Equines team.