Here you will find links to useful equestrian websites, feel free to email through any websites you have found useful or attach to the bottom of this page.

Like to shop online....
Action Feeds and Drench: Online Shopping
The Saddlery Warehouse: Equestrian Equipment and Accessories
The Tack Shed (western/english):
Tracy @ Natural Horse:
Palmerston North Saddlery:

Clinton Anderson: Downunder Horsemanship
Natural Horse People: Natural Horse People
Scott O'Malley: Horsemanship New Zealand

Useful horse sites
NZ Horses Online:
Pete Ramey Barefoot Trimming:

U-Tube Favourites
Honza Blaha 
Guy McLean
Stacey Westfall
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling
Pat Parelli
J. F. Pignon
Clinton Anderson
-Clinton Riding Bridleless: Diez bridleless
-Loose Ground Work demo: Clinton and Mindy
-Ground Work with obstacle course: Very cool obstacle course
-Leading: Good leading!
-Trailer Loading Demo: Float Loading Demo
-Who is Clinton Anderson: Click here to find out!
Working Equitation Speed Test
Buck Brannaman
At a clinic
Other Horsemanship Clips
The Path of the Horse: Trailer