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Jazzy: Basics

Name: Jazzy
DOB: 19/11/2008
Breeding: By Meersbrooke Sparhawk (pony) out of Miss Balmain (TB x clydie)
Height: Approx 14.1hh - 14.2
Sex: Mare

Versatile mare, suited to anything you wish to do with horses. Great to catch, tie, saddle, float etc. Has been the demo pony for many of the clinics I do and has been ridden by many different people. She was leased to a 13 year old for 3 months and during this time did pony club, trekking, clinics and lots of beach rides. Jazzy is great in new situations and with other horses. 

Has got basic yields and lateral work established- hind end and front end turn, sideways, leg yield, shoulder in, back up, lateral and vertical flexion. Has done some jumping and shows potential, has not been ‘schooled' over jumps as such.

Has mainly been ridden in a halter, can be ridden in bridle, but is not as soft. Great bareback, can be ridden in a saddle, but has mainly been ridden bareback. She will cope with either :)

See more photos + videos of Jazzy on our Versatile Equines Facebook page, or email us for links :)


More details about Jazzy

Feet- great feet, never had/needed shoes, I trim them
Teeth- wolf tooth removed Dec 2011, teeth floated June 2014, has a front tooth which sticks out a bit, the vet filed this back, has never caused her any grief or rubbing.
Eye- has a small blue spot in her left eye, Inglewood vets confirmed this is harmless, will not spread and does not prevent any vision. Has been there since I got her (3 years ago) and had not changed at all.
Condition- holds weight very well, has been turned out this winter with no rug, on hill country, limited grass and looks great
Blemishes- has a tiny splint on the inside of her left leg, it has been there since I got her, has decreased in size since then, has never caused any lameness etc. You do not even noticed it unless you run your hand down her leg.

-Demo pony at many horse clinics
-Short season at Pony Club
-Foxton Natural Horsemanship Games 2014
-Extensive trekking and travelling in a float
-Basic jumping over SJ and natural obstacles
-Lots of liberty work
-Glen Campin clinic
-River and beach rides

I brought Jazzy in April 2011 from the Meersbooke Stud’s dispersal sale. The Rennies purpose bred ponies like Jazzy as well-rounded eventing ponies. She has a great jumping technique and nice movement.

Jazzy is a friendly and inquisitive mare. She likes to be given time to think things through.

Jazzy is excellent to have her feet trimmed, I do them myself. She never leans or takes her foot away. She is great to catch and most often will come to you to be caught. Jazzy has done a lot of travelling between Palmerston North and Taranaki, as well as from clinic to clinic. She adapts well in new environments and with other horses, her nature does not change at all in these situations. Jazzy loads every time, but I always ensure I do not rush her regardless of me knowing this.

Jazzy has spent a lot of time turned out in large, isolated hill country. This has allowed her to develop confidence when ridden out with things like water, mud, ditches etc- things she was adverse to when I first got her three years ago. This time out on steep country, has also helped her become very sure footed and balanced.

Jazzy has done a lot of groundwork, both online (12ft to 22ft) and liberty. She loves playing on the ground and picking up and stepping on objects. She has developed a lot of confidence in herself through this work and there are not many things now that she is scared of!

Riding wise, most of Jazzy’s work has been trekking or demonstrating at clinics. She has many yields/lateral movements establish including front and hind end turns, shoulder in and leg yield. She has a wonderful back up and knows how to get round and loose in the feet. She operates on a light contact. Jazzy is confident at walk, trot and canter on a loose rein and has done some collection type work at the walk and trot. Jazzy is happy to go slow, but will move into faster gaits when asked.

Jazzy has done some jumping, but not a lot of jump schooling. She never refuses a jump, but has not gone any higher than 60cm at this stage, there certainly is the potential to do so. 

In 2013 Jazzy was leased out for 3 months to a 13 year old girl, who took her to PC etc. She always felt safe on Jazzy and Jazzy tried her hardest. At times they had communication break downs and she would struggle to get Jazzy completing back ups and sideways to the level Jazzy could do it. Also been leased to a 9 year old girl for 3 months, they did lots of Natural Horsemanship things, including lots of bridle-less riding, even at the canter :).

Jazzy has been ridden by many different people, in many different situations and has never put a foot wrong.

She has had a lot of ‘desensitising’ work done with her, so can tolerate and accept high levels of ‘scary’ things.

It is a bold statement to say she is a bombproof beginners pony, but she is very close to being so.

The perfect home for Jazzy would be one that has other horses, has a genuine interest in ‘Horsemanship’ and allows her to be her friendly, inquisitive self.

Jazzy will not be sold sight unseen, trials will not be offered, but you can come and ride her as many times as you like.

Jazzy really is at the stage she can be anything you want her to be, she is such a willing pony! She really would love to become part of someones family.

Referees for Jazzy can be provided.

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