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Where are they now?

We love to keep in touch with the horses/ponies that have found new homes. Here are updates on how they are getting on! If you own a Versatile Equine and would like your story shared here, please email it through, we also love to post pictures!
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5 September 2012: Received a lovely message from Erica, who brought Redskin last year, informing us that Redskin is doing well. Erica injured herself and was out for quite a few months, upon healing she pulled Reddy out of the paddock and she was just as she was before her time off! Here are some pictures of Reddy at HOY 2012!!!!

11 August 2012: Queen and Maverick have both been sold to people in Levin and they had a wee reunion the other day. Here are some cute pictures!

10 April 2012: Queen has been getting quite a few outings here is a picture of her at the beach!!

10 March 2012: Comet had his first trip to the beach the other day and was a very good boy! I went and had a visit with Comet about a month ago to remind him of his manners. Boy he has grown into a handsome fella and he knows it! Its so awesome to visit my old ponies in homes that love them so much! Here they are at the beach

02 February 2012: Queen is still at home with Jess and co. She has been having a bit of a floating complex but other than that is going well. She and Jess seem to be very good for each other and I am pleased to hear that Jess is going to do her Parelli Level 1 Certificate with her! YAY, all the best!

28 October 2011:  Spring had her first games start last weekend and came 3rd. From memory she is off to a competition this weekend with James. They are really enjoying her and we regularly keep in touch. Will hopefully have some photos of her playing games shortly!!!!

26 October 2011: From Jess: "Queen has been watching the kids play on the monkey swing for ages and she stands right next to them watching and then a week or 2 ago I saw her out the window making it swing backwards and forwards, and she gets it to swing quite high and then gets it to land on her back and then she turns around in circles with it on her back, like she sees the kids doing!!! It's funny to watch her, she does it quite often now. Mum was here this avo and was watching her do it and thought she was funny. Tonight she backed right up to it so it was between her back legs, I thought she was going to attempt sitting on it and was waiting for her to break the whole branch off !!!! Hopefully photos to come :)

16 August 2011: So lovely to be getting regular updates on Queen!!!! She is going very well. She has been trying Jess out a bit, luckily Jess has the savvy to ensure Queen she is the leader!! They are still working out the floating dynamic, but am pleased to say Jess is proving she can be trusted and is doing great work with Queens loading. Queen wont know what has hit her, she went for 4 rides in one week last week!!! She hasn't had that since back in the summer lol!! Any way, here are some pics of Queen in her lovely new home :)

05 August 2011: We receive regular updates from Erica as to how Redskin is going! We are pleased to say that at her FIRST competition EVER, she WON the B Grade!!! At her second competition she came 3rd in a pairs event! So very excited for Redskin. Jordan and I are so pleased that Redskin has found a home that values her natural disposition in life!

28 June 2011: Here is Casey's beautiful story about Comet! *MY COMET* Comet is the best pony because I can trust him when I am riding him bareback, because when I start to fall off he stops. Comet is my best friend in the world. Thankyou Cheryl for teaching Comet Man all that he knows and I am going to learn new things with him. By Casey.

22 June 2011: Redskin has settled in really well at her new home with Erica and her family. Erica sounds like she is doing a great job teaching Redskin the skills she needs to help Erica win competitive mounted games!! Unfortunately Erica has taken 3 tumbles off Redskin in their short time together, lets hope they are getting them all out of the way before they get into the competition. She is planning on taking Reddy to a games clinic and the first competition is looming near. Redskin has buddied up really well with the one pony they have on the farm which is very pleasing to hear as Redskin has spent her whole life in a large herd situation, and possibly could have found the transition unsettling. We look forward to hearing of Erica's successes and posting regular updates.

15 April 2011: Max (previously Rock) is living a major life of luxury. I used to adore Rock. I sold him on behalf but had known him since he was born, he was the first 'Little White Foot' baby. Tracey is amazing and is doing things with this boy I only ever dreamed he would do. Any way here is a wee bit Tracey has shared :)
"Max is doing great we have got shows for the next 6 weeks.. went to a show in the weekend and got a 1st for jumping and 3rd for dressage. He is doing so well .. we do alot together .. we have just got 300 acres of hill country we can ride over, so cant wait for take over for that. Where I am grazing him .. we ride over 50 acres and got my jumps right in the middle of the farm so gota walk before gettin there.. dressage he is doing well at too.. I have taught him to self load so he loves going out .. got heaps of shows coming up we are learning to do x country now, that is new to me. But a lot of trust in Max... lol max is funny.. he learnt to take standards off the tape and lay them over the tape and go into the big paddock ... and loves his apples and carrots.. he is very spoilt..
Love the mountain and the squarest halt EVER!

14 April 2011: Luna is still in Taumaranui with Lily. She loves it when they play wild horses in her. Lily is hopping on her in the paddock and regaining her confidence.

14 April 2011: Comet sounds cheeky as ever apparently pretending he is hard to catch! These holidays Casey is going to write us a story to share on here :)

14 April 2011: Wish is still with Kath, Billie and Paul. She was supposed to be for Paul, but he has taken a liking to Billies pony Tara-Toot, so Wish is now Billies pony. I saw them riding a few months back and Billie has awoken wish. She was not the lazy pony I remembered! She and Billie are going along great, I cannot believe how much more confident Billie is!