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Danny, approx 15.3hh, 11 yo, TB X QH (By the General) gelding. Good to catch, saddle, float, do feet etc. I have had Danny since August 2011 and the owner before me knew him as a foal as her father bred him, so his whole history is known and previous owner can be contacted if you wish. Is handled/trained using natural horsemanship methods now he is with me (Parelli, Clinton Anderson etc), but wasnt in the past. Knows sideways, back up, moving front and hind quarters, lateral and vertical flexion both on his back and from the ground. Fantastic to do gates on. Has not had alot of jumping experience but has shown nice jumping style over show and cross country jumps. Has done lots of trekking since I have had him and I have found him to be active, bold and can go and go all day. It seems he loves getting out and about. Can be ridden alone of in company. With the right person Danny is is suitable for any equine pursuit he has the potential to event, do dressage, jumping, pony club, rodeo etc or would be just as happy as a farm hack! Danny has no vices but he is very keen, has a SUPER fast walk. Make a fantastic trekking horse as he goes all day and isnt a slug. He is an absolute gentleman on the ground and respectful of his handlers space. Loves attention etc. Can be ridden bareback, in a halter etc or normally with saddle and bridle.

Rising 6 year old, 13.3hh, Kaimanawa gelding. Good to catch, saddle, trim feet, handle, brush etc. Has been floated a good few times with success. Easy to own, low maintenance type. Maverick came to us straight from the 2008 muster, we have had him ever since. He has been extensively trained on the ground using Clinton Andersons method & is very respectful. He understands the importance of respecting his handlers space & using the thinking side of his brain. He knows how to move his hindquarters, forequarters, lower his head, walk, trot & canter on a circle & back up. Under saddle Maverick is further proving his respect for his handler. He moves off light leg aids & respects the bridle, this is evident with his super soft head flexion & backup! He has an established one-rein stop, walk, trot, canter, back up, hindquarter turn, forequarter turn & sidepass. He rides out relaxed on a loose rein, is not in a hurry to go forward, has been ridden alone & in company. Maverick has not had any official jump training but is very athletic & has demonstrated his ability to jump on numerous occasions. Knows how to flex vertically, hold gait & make smooth transitions. We have done lots of work getting his body soft & supple with serpentines, one-rein stops & other body maneuvers. Can be ridden bareback or in a saddle, halter or bridle. Maverick is a safe wee boy who tries very hard to please. He has no vices. His ideal rider would be a small adult or youth with some experience. He has the potential to be trained for any discipline as he has a very solid foundation.


Dee (on behalf)
15.1hh mare, 5 years old, by JK Sacramento. Very sweet mare, easy to handle on the ground. Good to catch, saddle, brush float etc. Can be ridden in a hater or bridle. Great mover, very flashy paces and exceptional extended trot.

Kotare Queen
14.2hh, rising 5 year old Kaimanawa mare. Came in the 2008 muster, I have owned her ever since, know her whole history since her fist handling. Queen is good to catch, saddle, tie up, brush, with dogs & motorbikes etc. We do lots of desensitizing exercises and ground work. Through these exercises she knows how to independently move all parts of her body in a soft, respectful and responsive way and not to panic, but use the thinking side of her brain. Bold and confident pony, point her at logs & banks, she jumps them all without hesitation, is a natural jumper. Not at all worried with river crossings, mud and changes of terrain. Has an established walk, trot, canter, gallop & back-up. Soft & responsive pony, disengages hindquarters & forequarters with light, gentle aids. Working well on the flat- naturally balanced, currently developing her vertical flexion at walk and trot. As well as this she is moving side ways both stationary & at walk & beginnings of a trot. Queen is an easy pony to have around. She is good alone or in company- happy to plod behind &/or stay with group. Good with other horses, no dirt. Safe wee girl with a one-rein stop (emergency brake) established if ever needed. Is getting quieter and quieter as she gets older. Not suitable for complete beginners, but I feel she is very close to being able to be! 

13 year old K
aimanawa X QH
Redskin is great to saddle, shoe, float, catch, handle, etc. Redskin is soft to handle on the ground yields to the hand and halter. 
Redskins whole history is known. Redskin has done cattle musters, been to shows, rodeo and various other places for treks. She is surefooted and agile, will go any where. Very easy to keep. never been lame, hard hard feet that rarely need trimming, holds her weight well and paddocks well with other horses. She is not mareish, we normally never know she is in season.
Redskin has an established walk, trot, canter, gallop and back up and front end turn. Redskin has done basic schooling on the flat and is very steady and rhythmical. Redskin has a great jump, will jump anything you point her at. Can be ridden with a string around her neck, halter, hackamore or bridle.
Redskin is not for beginners but is a safe mount for a semi-experienced rider.

13hh, rising 5 yo, kaimanawa, mare. 
Syndod came from the 2008 Kaimanawa muster. She was owned by a young friend of mine, until the beginning of the year. In Welsh, Syndod's name means; a marvel or wonder. 
She is great to handle in every way, very quiet, loves cuddles and attention. Her ridden education so far has ben trekking/hacking and playing in the arena- stops, turns, transitions etc and popping over small jumps an trot poles. Very respectful wee pony good back up, leading, head soften, and disengaging of the fore and hind quarters. Well suited to a keen, confident beginner. 
Does not have to be kept in full work, can be hopped on in halter and lead and ridden after months off.

 Rising 6 yo
 palomino mare. 
Great to catch, saddle, float, shoe, tie up- EVERYTHING! She is soft to handle on the ground and is very respectful of space.
Spring is a lovely forward moving, active pony. Established walk, trot, canter, gallop and backup. Has a basic understanding of front end and hind quarter turns. Very responsive pony to ride, so is suitable only for experienced riders. Has no vices. 
The majority of Springs education has been trekking over various types of terrain. She is very sure footed and will go any where, great on the road with traffic and confident with water and mud. 
Spring has done basic schooling on the flat, and is starting to work in a lovely round outline. She is learning to do a spin and can do a whole circle at a walk.


13.3hh, 8 year old, 
Standardbred X Appy QH 
Sure footed beginners pony. Has been a trekking pony so great out in big groups, not a speedster- needs a rider who can 'tell her who is boss' and make her go. Great to handle in every way. 

Approx 14hh, 8 y.o 
TB X Appaloosa QH. 
Great second pony for keen rider. Lovely smooth, balanced, rhythmical paces. Has done some basic schooling on the flat. Lovely style when jumping, although has not had official schooling, keen jumper out on rides over cross country jumps. Rock is easy to handle in every way, good to catch, saddle, do feet etc. Has been used in a trekking team for riders that have some experience, is great out in large group. Keen to keep up with the group, but will listen to his rider if he is told he is staying behind. Sweet natured, uncomplicated pony suitable for a rider with some experience. Has not been out and about much but will adapt well to any chosen discipline.

13.2hh, kaimanawa mare brought in from the muster in 2008. She has been out to two local sports days with pleasing results. A pleasure to handle in every way, great to saddle, float, trim feet etc. Loves to jump, great out trekking goes through creeks and streams and up and down hills keeping her rider safe. Very comfortable and considerate horse to ride. Great by herself or in company. Loves to jump, never had any formal schooling but jumps anything she is pointed at. Great in traffic and new situations, hardly gets a fright at anything now. Her nick name is the Nana pony! Luna is best suited to a confident beginner, does not get hot or fizz, even after big gallops and games of tag! Established walk, trot, canter, backup, front end and hind quarter turns. Can be ridden with nothing on, in just a halter or bridle. Does not need regular riding, can be pulled out of the paddock and hopped straight on.

Great for beginners, Comet is a pleasure to handle in every way. He is a kaimanawa (from the 08 muster) gelding and stands at 13.2hh. Very honest wee fella, not a slug, but not forward moving either. Very laid back nature, is not fussed when other horses take off and leave him behind. Smooth, balanced paces make him a comfortable ride. Loves cuddles and attention, will stand all day being brushed. Will happily graze with some one sitting 
on his back with no one on. Does not need to be in regular work, he is the same reliable pony every time.

Before 2009

Bob is a 16.1hh TB and has been in the family for 7 years, he is completely unflappable in every way. Great to ride, good for beginners. Doesn't like to jump or do circles, just likes to cruise around. Great on the beach, goes in the water and swims!

Dynamic Rogue Trader
Roguey is a 3 year old Australian Stock horse. Great to handle in every way, good to catch, saddle, float, do feet etc. Respectful on the ground with established back up, front end turns, hind quarter turns and beginning of moving sideways. Green broke and going kindly under saddle. No dirt, honest, genuine, horse. Will mature approximately 15.1hh.

13.2hh, Appaloosa X TB, mare. Great as a second pony, has done half a season of pony club, great to catch, saddle, shoe, float etc. Loves to jump, jumping 70cm confidently. Great on her feet, will go any where and through any thing, her main education has been hacking and trekking.

14.1hh, crossbred mare. Not for beginners, ideal as a second pony for keen young rider. Great jump, confidently jumping 70 cm, but has done some schooling to 1.10m with potential to go higher. Great to handle, comes when called, stands all day to be brushed etc. Lovely soft and supple pony who is always willing and eager to please. Great out on treks, good on her feet and never resists going any where, over or through anything. Very versatile young pony with potential to go far.

15.3hh Standardbred gelding. Ideal for confident rider interested in a bombproof reliable trekking horse. Established canter, good stop and active paces.
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