August 2015
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Welcome to Versatile Equines

Our Vision

To provide people with quality, versatile mounts on which they can undertake any equine pursuit. These equines may not be olympians but they will be safe, loyal, respectful and willing partners.

Why the name Versatile? 

This refers to the type of equines we value. In being versatile they are considered to:

  have great diversity or variety

  be competent in many areas and able to turn with ease from one thing to another

  be versatile and having many different abilities; flexibility

In being versatile the horses/ponies are able to adapt well to new situations, participate in a variety of equine disciplines; we do not specifically ride in any particular discipline, rather we have a go at as many equine pursuits as possible. Not only does this extend us as horse people, it enriches the experiences of the horses/ponies we ride.

Pictured above: Kotare Comet, Kotare Spring and Sundance

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The Versatile Equines Team

Our horses and ponies do not come in one specific breed, height, nor colour. Our equines however are athletic and sound of mind; two pre-requistites of a Versatile Equine. Our horses live in a natural herd environment in which they learn the proper social skills associated with a herds hierarchy. The horses live in large paddocks with hills, creeks and bush, which help them to develop a strong body and mind. This allows them to be at peace with their natural environment, sights, sounds, terrain and weather. It is here that they are educated, to become versatile, well-rounded individuals ready for any future endeavors. The horses and ponies are ridden in as many different situations/places as possible, from long rides in steep remote areas, to shows and events. All our equines understand the importance of respect, and this respect is built upon a relationship of trust.

We ensure we get to know each equine as a unique individual. We strongly believe in selling on quality equines, as opposed to many. It is important to us that the match up of person and equine is compatible. 

Knowledge of equine behaviour and psychology and the ability to work with different types of equines ensures that the horses we sell on are safe and easily trainable.

Pictured: Seamus and I

We hope you enjoy looking around our website. Please feel welcome to contact us regarding anything to do with horses, we appreciate feedback and enjoy helping people form positive relationships with their equine partner(s).

Pictured above: Redskin, Maverick, Jewel and Queen