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Left to Right: Top Row - Unknown, North Adams, Mass.; rest of row unknown. Bottom Row - Unknown; Unknown, Pittsfield, Mass.; Unknown, "For Aunt Laura 1878", Pittsfield, Mass.; Unknown, Greenfield, Mass; Fred 5 years (believe to be Frederick Franklin Streeter), North Adams, Mass.


Immigration to the United States started with the landing of Christopher Columbus.  Colonies were then set up so the new immigrants could have someplace to live. Some came here to escape persecution and many came looking for a better life.  They were told the streets were paved with gold and that nothing could be better than America. When the immigration ports of Ellis Island and Angel Island were opened immigration increased dramatically. Even today immigration is still going strong.  

Immigration to North Adams started in 1749.  Some of the immigrant groups were the French, Chinese, Irish, Italian, Welsh, Lebanese, and the Jewish. Most of the immigrant groups worked on the construction of the Hoosac Tunnel.