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Biography-Veronica Perez: Artist and Teacher






Veronica Perez is a native of Rincón, Puerto Rico. She received her BA in Art Education/Photography from the Inter American University of San German, P. R. and her Masters in Bilingual/Multicultural Education from George Mason University. She is currently taking graduate classes in Studio Art from VCU. She is a certified Spanish and Art Teacher from pre K-12.

Veronica is very passionate about art and likes to be surrounded by children's work. She finds children's artwork inspiring and refreshing. Her students have motivated and inspired her in the creation of her own art.

Since she moved to VA, she has been fascinated by the landscapes and the change of seasons. Her love of nature is a strong motivation in her work as she continues to explore many means of self expression using various media. Lately, she has been experimenting with brighter colors and textures in her work. Her favorite media is acrylic, although her work also consists of oil paintings, mixed media/collages, sculptures, photographs and watercolors. Contact the artist if you have a special request, comments or questions.                


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