Crime, Community and Justice: Information
This page is compiled by Vernon White of Come-to-Good Meeting, Cornwall  

Cornwall Area Quaker Meeting is in process of setting up a node of Britain Yearly Meeting's Crime, Community and Justice Action Network. The following is a list of sources of information that may be useful to the new group:

Information sources

Prison Reform Trust Prison factfile (Bromley Briefings series) PRT, (December 2007) No ISBN.

Updated version, June 2008 is also available as a free download in .pdf format:

The Corston Report: a review of women with particular vulnerabilities in the criminal justice system, Home Office (2007) ISBN 978-1-84726-177-9

Available online at as a free download in pdf format.

Information providers

Britain Yearly Meeting- Crime, Community & Justice Group webpage:

CCJG Activity Group Network description on Britain Yearly Meeting website:

Quakers in Criminal Justice website:

PRT website:

Howard League for Penal Reform website:

Prison advice and care trust website:

Home Office website:

Home Office Probation website: Includes free download of Community Sentencing - Reducing Reoffending, Changing Lives Report.

Probation Association website:

HM Prison Service website:

Churches Criminal Justice Forum website: and free download in pdf format: What can I do? also available at as an online document, with links.

Ancient History:

Minute on Criminal Justice, London Yearly Meeting,

2nd day morning, 26th of the Fifth Month. 1919 (Proceedings, page 111) 

Minute 75:

The subject of our penal system and the urgent need for its radical alteration has been laid before us.

We appreciate the necessity and have felt the great difficulty and complexity of the problem.

We need a complete alteration in our attitude towards offenders. The present system appears mainly to concern itself with the protection of society and the punishment of the wrongdoer.

Our Lord's way would seek to restore the character of the individual by methods in which vindictive punishment has no place.

We commend the subject to the careful thought and study of Friends. We also refer it to Quarterly Meetings, asking them to give it their consideration and report upon it to the next Yearly Meeting.


CHARACTER OED definition 13. a.

“The estimate formed of a person's qualities; reputation: when used without qualifying epithet implying ‘favourable estimate, good repute.’ ”


LYM formed this Minute after receiving a report from the Visitation of Prisoners Committee, which was in touch, through local Meetings with 1,141 men in prison for their conscience. The remarkable Clerk of that Committee, appointed at LYM 1916 and laid down at LYM 1920, was Edith M H A Bigland (1862-1951).