Vernal Ponds Project

This project was created by Emily Adams (biology) and Thomas Cooper (technology) of the Walker School. The project asks students to collect data on vernal ponds near there school over a period of time to understand how the changing water levels in these ponds affects this small community.  Students collect data on pH, temperature, water levels, nitrates, phosphates, dissolved oxygen, and biological diversity.  Students create a Google spreadsheet of their data, use formulas to calculate statistical data, create charts to visualize changes in their data over time, and then share their data with other student groups.  Students then use Google Docs to collaboratively write and peer review lab reports on their data.  Students use Google Sites (wiki) to collaborate on building a web portal where students can learn about the general health of seasonal ponds and their changing environments.  We are currently building an accompanying layer in Google Earth to help us visualize the data from other schools.  If you would like to have your students participate in this project with us, please contact the project coordinator, Emily Adams ( or if you have any technical questions, please email the technology coordinator, Thomas Cooper ( 

Calendar of Events
We have created a calendar of events to help you plan to complete this project. On the calendar we have also scheduled online conservations using Skype for teachers to get together, talk about the project, voice any questions and concerns, and to help build our community. Dates provided on the calendar are only suggestions. Schools may enter the project at any time during the year and data may be posted at any time.

* Previous project sessions are stored on the "Archives " page of The Networked Learner wiki.

Google Earth Tutorials - Part III: Layouts with Tables (1 of 2)

Nov. 23rd, 2009 at 8 pm EST
Presenters - Thomas Cooper, Alice Barr
Topics: hard rules and table layouts

Elluminate Session Recording Link -   

Jan 25th at 8 pm EST

Google Earth Tutorials - Part V: Tips for Creating Tours
Topics: icons, folder organization, paths, animation tools, and navigation buttons and KML "flyto" commands
Elluminate Session Link - 

Important Documents
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