The 2014-2015 VYT A*VISTA team participates in an energizer on the Vermont College of Fine Arts lawn in Montpelier. 

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The Vermont Youth Tomorrow A*VISTA Program (VYT) is an anti-poverty, national service program which supports 30 A*VISTA members serving at community-based organizations, schools, and municipalities throughout Vermont. 

VYT members build organizational capacity that-
--Fosters greater youth involvement in the community
--Creates innovative and effective youth programs
--Helps youth, especially those on the downside of privilege,
develop skills and resiliency necessary to avoid poor decisions
that perpetuate unhealthy lifestyles, delinquency, and poverty

What is VISTA?

VYT A*VISTA members address long-standing and emerging community needs and help individuals develop the resources to transcend poverty through the following activities: creating curricula for job and skill-development programs as well as college preparatory programs for immigrants; designing science and technology programs; initiating efforts to support youth whose parents have been deployed overseas; recruiting and managing community volunteers and mentors; developing strategies to promote affordable housing; and building organizational capacity (e.g., public relations campaigns, databases, cash and in-kind resources, and community partners.)

                                            VYT is an equal opportunity national service program.

The Vermont Youth Tomorrow A*VISTA Program (VYT) is sponsored by the Washington County Youth Service Bureau/Boys & Girls Club (Bureau).  The Bureau is a community-based, non-profit agency that has been serving youths and families since 1974.   Its mission is to provide a wide range of innovative and effective programs that empower and enrich the lives of youth and families in Washington County, and to provide leadership and support to other youth programs throughout Vermont.

The Bureau emphasizes prevention and helps youths create healthy conditions in their lives, and also helps youths and families address problems.  The Bureau is the administrative agency for two national service programs, VYT and the VT Youth Development Corps AmeriCorps*State Program (VYDC).  Other services provided by the Bureau include the following: youth and family counseling; a program for runaway and homeless teens; a teen center; an after-school program, a program for teen parents; substance abuse treatment for adolescents; a street outreach program; a program to help recently released youth offenders re-enter the community; and a 24-hour crisis line.  The Bureau is also the administrative agency for four statewide youth-focused coalitions: the Vermont Coalition of Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs, the Vermont Coalition of Teen Centers, the Youth Development Committee, and the Young Adult Advisory Team.