Unapproved VSLA Annual Meeting May 10, 2012 Minutes

VSLA Annual Membership Meeting

Champlain College, Burlington – Dynamic Landscapes Conference

May 10, 2012




President Anna Bolognani called the meeting to order at 3:40 p.m.  Forty members were in attendance, including Board members Anna Bolognani, Claire Buckley, Lindy Sargent, Donna Smyth, Donna Sullivan-MacDonald, Sue Irish, Angelica Harris, Cheryl Kissel, Christine Gilbert, Christine Eldred, Shannon Walters, Marilee Attley, Karen Hennig, Dan Greene, Erikka Adams, and Linda McSweeney.


Secretary's Report .   Secretary Lindy Sargent reported that she’d emailed the May 19, 2011 Annual Meeting’s minutes to the VSLA Listserv for review earlier in the week.  With a motion by Sue Monmaney and a second by  Linda McSweeney the minutes were approved.


Treasurer's Year End Report .  Donna Smyth presented the treasurer’s report, opening with a discussion of the GMBA and DCF sponsorships, which are currently set at $500 each and support the GMBA sets and the DCF endnote speaker.  The Board was considering increasing this amount, at least for the DCF conference since the $500 does not cover the expenses, and wanted input from the membership.  After discussing several questions, including whether annual funding requests are required of the GMBA and DCF committees, the group decided that more data is needed.   Megan Sutton, a DCF committee member, volunteered to get back to the VSLA Board with this information.    For the budget approval process a motion was necessary to increase funds potentially needed for these sponsorships.  Sue Irish moved that the DCF line item be increased from $500 to $1,000 and the GMBA remain the same at $500.  Marilee Attley seconded the motion, and it was approved.

Donna next presented the proposed budget for 2012-2013.  She highlighted several areas of the budget and indicated that the line item increase for the aforementioned sponsorship would need to be found elsewhere in the budget.  Megan Sutton moved that the Professional Development line item be reduced by $500, which amendment was seconded by Linda McSweeney and passed by the membership.  The 2012-13 budget was approved after a motion by Shannon Walters and a second by Sue Irish.


VSLA Award.  Erikka Adams, chair of the committee, introduced the 2012 recipient of the VSLA Award, which recognizes an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to school libraries and the library community in Vermont.  Erikka quoted from peers that this librarian is always thinking of ways to improve students’ ability to learn and perform using books and technology.”   Her principal noted that she is “often the first staff member to come and the last to leave,” and is truly a living example that the strength of one’s school lies squarely on the shoulders of its teachers and its library/librarian.”  The award was then presented to Sharon Hayes from the Folsom Education and Community Center in South Hero, who received a rousing ovation from the members. 



Executive Board Slate.  President Anna Bolognani presented the Executive Board slate as follows:

President:  Anna Bolognani

Vice President:  Vacant

Treasurer:  Donna Smyth

Secretary:  Kate Davie 

Georgianne Bonifanti made a motion to accept this slate of officers, which was seconded by Erikka Adams and approved.


Retirees:   Anna  Bolognani shared the list of VSLA members who are retiring this year.  They are:  Tad Dana - Northfield Middle/High School
Susan Hunter - Riverside Middle School
Sheila Aiken - Underhill Central School and Smilie Memorial School
Maxine Anderson - Underhill ID School
Lindy Sargent - Newport City Elementary School
Judy Henchel - Hazen Union Middle/High School

She publically thanked them for their service to their schools and the Vermont Library community.  The three school librarians present at the meeting, Lindy Sargent, Sheila Aiken, and Maxine Anderson, were warmly saluted by fellow librarians Karen Hennig and Sue Irish, and all retiring librarians were given a round of applause. 


Anna thanked Dan Greene for his 20+ years of service to the VSLA Board, most recently as the webmaster where he revitalized the organization’s web presence. 


Anna thanked Donna Sullivan-MacDonald and Sue Irish, who chaired the conference committee and worked tirelessly on this year’s Dynamic Landscapes conference.


 Marty Reid, Vermont State Librarian, thanked Donna Sullivan-MacDonald for her many efforts on legislative issues and for joining her and Anna at the annual Washington D.C. Legislative Day.


Anna announced that Joy Mercer won the raffle for a free year of VSLA  membership. 


All of the above were warmly applauded and thanked by the members.


The members were advised to check the VSLA website,  http://vtsla.org for other Annual Reports of the various regions and committees of the Board, and for new plans being developed for a fall conference and other opportunities for networking.


Shannon Walters suggested we find a person we don’t know, say hello, and spread the network.


Adjournment.  The annual meeting was adjourned at 4:31 p.m., following a motion by Susan Monmaney and a second by Georgianne Bonifanti.


Respectfully submitted,


Lindy Sargent