Lesson Plan Incentive

Congratulations to Kathy Lawrence whose Lesson Plan was just accepted by AASL!  10/5/2013

Help make Vermont a leadership state!  When you write a lesson plan for the AASL database and have it accepted, your efforts will be rewarded!  You’ll get comfortable with our national standards in the process, and  your lesson will be crosswalked with the Common Core. Your VSLA board will acknowledge and promote your achievement.  This program will be in effect for the 2012-13 and 2013-14 academic years, and funding is available for up to twenty stipends. Here are the particulars:

1.  Register (free) at AASL and write a lesson plan using the template provided.  Answers to FAQs may be found here.  You may work alone or as part of a team.  Team members will share the stipend provided.

2.  Notify Denise Wentz dwentz@cssu.org when you’ve submitted a lesson plan. (This will help us plan the financials.)

3. Upon proof of acceptance you will receive a check for $250.00 from VSLA.

4. Upon proof of acceptance, the president of VSLA will send letters to your principal, superintendent, and curriculum coordinator highlighting your achievement that will benefit school librarians nationwide.

5. You are eligible for a stipend once during each of the two years of the program, with a maximum of two stipends for two separate lesson plans accepted by AASL.

Think. Create. Share. Grow. GO!