Semi-Annual Meeting May 19, 2011

VSLA Semi-Annual Meeting

May 19, 2011

Dynamic Landscapes Conference

Champlain College, Burlington, VT



President Claire Buckley called the meeting to order at 3:48 p.m.  36 members were in attendance, including board members Claire Buckley, Anna Bolognani, Marsha Middleton, Donna Smyth, Lindy Sargent, Karen Hennig, Sue Monmaney, Cheryl Kissel, Christine Gilbert, Sue Furry-Irish, Donna Sullivan-MacDonald, Angel Harris, Jessica Langlois, Beth Mallon, Kathy Lawrence, and Shannon Walters.  


Approval of Minutes of Semi-Annual Meeting October 21, 2010 (Fall Conference, Burr & Burton Academy).   With a motion by Sue M and a second by Linda McSweeney the minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report.   Donna Smyth presented several reports:  the year-to-date budget report for 2010-11, the report from the Fall 2010 Conference, and the proposed budget for 2011-12.  She gave the account balances in VSLA’s checking, two money market and two CD accounts, which showed very healthy balances.  Donna indicated that the proposed budget for 2011-2012 of $15,470 (up from $15,170 in 2010-11) allows for dipping into savings, but she reported this has not been required much.  Since there is a hefty cushion in our savings accounts, the Board has agreed to earmark additional funding for professional development/scholarship and advocacy.  The decrease in membership was discussed, and Karen Hennig advised that the actual number of members hasn’t decreased significantly, only the amount of money being collected due to variances in the sliding fee scale and NESLA memberships – and there are 40 VT NESLA members, more than any other state.  The final report for the successful L4L initiative is not yet complete but there have been lots of action and many “recruits.”  Last year’s fall conference showed a profit of $833.27 and the spring conference netted $6,522.   The final income/expenses for the year will be available after June 30, 2011.  One other piece of discussion was over the savings in changing to a new google site for our VSLA website:  the suggestion to consider paying for a domain name  that could be easily remembered was deemed a good advocacy move.  The same google site would be maintained.  With a motion by Shannon Walters and a second by Beth Mallon the treasurer’s report was accepted. 

 Old Business          

            Budget 2011-12.  As described above, with copies to be posted on the website.  Shannon Walters moved that we accept the proposed budget.  Donna Smyth seconded and the budget was adopted.

             By-laws Change.  Claire read Article IV of the present VEMA/VSLA By-laws: 

“Section1:  The Vermont Educational Media Association shall meet at least twice annually.         

a.  There shall be a meeting in the fall and an annual meeting in the spring.

b.  The time and place shall be determined by the Executive Board. 

Claire then explained that several circumstances were discussed at the Board meetings which suggested that perhaps a revision of the two annual meetings rule might be in order.  Librarians are not universally given the VT-NEA professional days in October and do not have unlimited professional development allowances.  This next fall there are two more professional development opportunities -- the NEELA conference to be held in Burlington and the AASL fall conference – which would provide other learning, as well as our own L4L initiative.  Claire indicated that if the members did adopt the new revision it didn’t mean we would never have another fall conference, it just meant we wouldn’t be mandated to have two conferences.  She noted that the fall conference was a wonderful opportunity to showcase different regions and libraries in our state. 

Claire read the proposed By-laws change:

            Article IV:  Meetings

            Section 1:  The Vermont School Library Association shall meet at least once annually. 

            The time and place shall be determined by the Executive Board.

Sue Monmaney moved and Sue Furry-Irish seconded that we adopt this proposed change.  Donna Smyth asked when would members accept the final budget (June 30th figures) for the following year, which is usually presented at the Fall Conference?  After discussion, Shannon Walters amended the motion, now stated as a motion to accept the proposed change to the by-laws: 

The Vermont School Library Association shall meet at least once annually, and any necessary business may be transacted electronically via the listserv. The time and place shall be determined by the Executive Board. 

Linda McSweeney seconded this motion, which was approved.

 New Business

             VSLA Award Presentation.  With an enthusiastic presentation on “This Amazing Librarian”, and with active audience participation, Linda McSweeney announced that Cheryl Kissell of Northfield Elementary School was the 2011 recipient of the VSLA Award.  Cheryl was commended for her dedication and active participation on the VSLA Board, the listserv, and as the Central Region’s co-representative and co-planner of their region’s successful fall conference.  She was also recognized for her invaluable work as a mentor of both new and veteran librarians and as a friend.

 Retirees Recognition.  Anna Bolognani recognized three school librarians retiring this year:  Marsha Middleton, North Country Union High School;  Debbie Wheeler, Stowe Middle/ High School;  and Barb Marvin, Colchester High School.  As Marsha was present at the meeting, Karen Hennig and Lindy Sargent recognized Marsha for her long-time dedication to the library profession in VT, marveling at her enthusiasm, passion, problem-solving, persistence, and energy.  All three librarians were applauded and wished well in their future endeavors.

Respectfully submitted,

 Lindy Sargent