Board Minutes March 31, 2011

VSLA Board Minutes

March 31, 2011

Hotel Coolidge, White River Jct., VT

President Claire Buckley called the meeting to order at 4:37 p.m.

Board members present:  Claire Buckley, Anna Bolgnani, Donna Smyth, Lindy Sargent, Marsha Middleton, Sue Monmaney, Dan Greene, Marcia Peterson, Christine Eldred, Shannon Walters, Cheryl Kissel, Christine Gilbert, Kate Davie, Beth Mallon, Sue Furry-Irish, Kathy Lawrence, Jessica Langlois, Marilee Attley, and Linda McSweeney.

Treasurer’s Report:  Donna presented her report with account balances as of 2/28/11 and advised that the two CDs were recently renewed for 7 months.  She has received the wrong form for the DCF grant request and will contact them.  Anna moved and Sue M seconded that the treasurer’s report be approved, which the board members did.  Donna also shared copies of the VSLA Budget 2010-11 and the proposed budget for 2011-12.  She advised that the vendor income would no longer be an income category since we are handling our conferences and newsletters differently.  The membership income is down almost $1300 from the budgeted amount, and suggestions were made to promote membership at the Dynamic Landscapes conference by covering and making the membership table more prominent, by offering  a door prize raffle at the VSLA meeting if you’ve renewed during the conference, and (next year) including info on the DL registration form.  Other budget comments related to the expense categories:  should the newsletter budget remain at $500 since the emailed issues cost less?   It was decided to keep the budget amount at this figure because there may be other costs in handling and mailing the mailed issue. Christine G. gave information on postal fees and discounts.  Donna asked Dan if we’re paying for the website, and he indicated that through changes he’s made there no longer are charges for hosting or the need for a domain name, so that $150 allocation was removed from the budget.  Board members complimented Dan on the newly revised website.   Donna gave information on year-to-date figures for a couple of other expense areas that were somewhat less than budgeted, but she felt everything was basically on target.  The board decided to wait to approve the budget until after discussion  in New Business.  Claire asked where the income from last spring’s Dynamic Landscapes would be listed, and Donna indicated that this line item needs to go in, and that the “Savings Spenddown” line item would thus change.  Claire also asked if the $2,045 VLC fund close-out was in this calendar year, but Donna checked and advised it was the previous year.

Standing Committees and Regional Reports:  Reports were emailed to the board members.  Marcia Peterson advised that the spring newsletter would be appearing soon.

Old Business:

            Dynamic Landscapes:  Sue Furry-Irish commented that it was very helpful to have a second position to assist with  conference organization demands.  Her report included information about the keynote (Kristin Fontichiaro on “Rigorous Learning with 21st Century Technology”) and endnote (Jay   Hoffman from Tuttle Middle School, South Burlington on social networking and education), that VSLA had met our quota for proposals although there were fewer than last year, and that an invitation with promotional materials had been sent to each school, addressed to the principal, tech coordinator, and librarian .   Several librarians commented that they hadn’t seen it, which prompted a suggestion that perhaps a postcard might be sent specifically to librarians – Sue will bring this issue to a future VITA-Learn meeting to consider for next year’s registration process.  The board also discussed the issue of having so many conferences (DL, DCF, VLA conference) all in the spring (see further conversation below).   Claire advised that she is inviting Marty Reid to the VSLA membership meeting at DL and that she will help organize a dinner event if librarians want to get together Thursday evening.  She also asked everyone to let Anna know of any retirees.

            VLA Collaboration:  Kate shared information about the plans for the VLA conference, which will follow the format they used last year.  They have the same conflict with the DCF conference happening within the same month;  using college space narrows down the scheduling possibilities.  Kate asked if the postcards which may go out to school librarians could give the date of the VLA conference as well as the DL, but there was concern that we’d be competing with ourselves and that we’d made a commitment to VITA-Learn.  Discussion continued over the dilution of all librarian conferences with attendees facing limited monies for professional development at schools;  this issue will require a necessary conversation involving all librarian groups.  Perhaps state colleges or whatever high schools are on break in October could serve as possible conference sites.   Kate will ask VLA if they will send out postcards to the schools.

            A somewhat related issue was raised with the question, “do we have a list of all the school librarians with email addresses”?   Marsha M has a copy of newsletter labels, compiled from VALS and the VT DOL directory.  VT NEA has a listing of the 312 schools in the state.  Claire reported about a conversation with Marty that only 70 school librarians completed the reporting to the DOL survey this year; the need for this report can be discussed with Marty at the VSLA membership meeting.   The suggestion arose that Marsha M and Shannon could pool their lists and start a google database and that the regional reps could also help and make handwritten appeals or phone calls.          

            Literacy in the Sun:  As a follow-up to previous board meeting discussions, Claire summarized that the NH Conference will be held Aug 9-10, 2011 and suggested that we have information available at the Dynamic Landscapes conference.  She will ask Susan Ballard for updated information which can be posted on the website under professional development.

            Library Snapshot Day:  Claire acknowledged the work of Christine E and Kathy in providing information about this event.  Christine reported that the Flickr group so far includes 9 participants in a school libraries group and 13 in the group for all libraries.  She suggested going to school boards with the presentation.  VLA’s marketing and PR campaign is coming together as well.  They are creating an online launchpage and Marti Fiske needs materials for a fact box on the page.  Claire sent out an email to the listserv referencing the site and asking for quick facts or statistics which illustrate the value of libraries.    The campaign will be broadcast April 10-15.

New Business:

            Budget FY 2012: 

1.  DCF/GMBA grants:  Marilee moved and Shannon seconded that VSLA support DCF and GMBA with $500 each.  Approved.

2.  National Conference Attendance:  There is $1,000 in the Presidents Fund for attending conferences, but perhaps other executive board members should get stipends as well, or other VSLA members.  Dan would like to see the VSLA monies used to support the members’ professional development needs.  This issue was tabled until it can be addressed in more detail.

For the purposes of the budget, since the income from the 2010 Dynamic Landscapes wasn’t yet included but which will cover her suggestion, Sue F. moved that we establish a line item for Professional Development Scholarships at $4000.  The motion was seconded by Marilee and passed.

Sue F. then moved that we accept the proposed 2011-12 budget as amended 3/31/11.  Shannon seconded, and the motion passed.

3.  Proposal by Linda McSweeney:  Linda handed out her report and added that there is more information on the L4L link on the VSLA website that includes a cut-and-paste segment on the AASL standards.  L4L is also developing a database of lesson plans.  Her idea for the next initiative is to organize it as a collaborative, working time for librarians.  Saturdays seem to work out – there was better attendance in the bootcamps than at the fall conference, and they were also more geographically convenient.  The new common core standards seem very exciting and will be incorporated, especially the “Crosswalk” (common core tied with ISTE and AASL).  L4L could be a fall conference,  not a repeat of the 2010 fall conference but one level up: “ a navy seals” offering.  This future direction was part one of her proposal and part two was to request being compensated for this year’s bootcamp work not in money but in professional development, ie., registration and attendance costs for the upcoming AASL conference.

At 6:50 p.m., Sue M moved (seconded by Shannon) that we go into executive session, and Linda left the meeting room.

The executive session ended at 7:15 p.m, and Linda was invited to return.   Shannon moved that VSLA compensate Linda at $2,500 for professional development and/or professional development materials, with any balance to be paid in cash, and in addition that VSLA reimburse her for mileage expenses at 15 cents/mile with the condition that Linda’s receipts be submitted to the treasurer by June 15, 2011.   Beth seconded this motion which was approved as amended. 

Fall Conference:  Claire gave the dates for several fall events:  NELA(Oct. 2-4 in Burlington), AASL (Oct. 27-30 in Minnesota), School Library Journal Leadership Summit (October usually), and another round of L4L after the common core standards and crosswalk are out.  We need to get the word out to the membership that there won’t be a VSLA fall conference per se.  The bylaws would need to be revised (currently in progress due to 501c3 work as well).  Sue M suggested that an email be sent out to the listserv that we’re going to have a vote to change the bylaws at our next annual meeting at Dynamic Landscapes.  This needs to be warned by April 19th. 


Anna mentioned that she is recruiting a president-elect and welcomes suggestions or volunteers.

Shannon mentioned that 94 schools partnered with the State Treasurer’s Office in offering the “Reading as an Investment” program, which the board agreed is a good collaboration to continue next year.

Dan invited everyone to visit U-32 on May 11 (9:30 a.m) when Nancy Everhart, the AASL president, will be visiting.   Also attending:  Katherine Paterson, Gov. Shumlin, Vt. DOL, and VT senators or their representatives.  Martha Allen, VT NEA Director and former librarian, will also be invited.  Dan will have the presentation/program broadcast on LNV and there will be all the normal PR/media.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m. with a motion by Anna and a second by Beth.

Respectfully submitted,

Lindy Sargent, Secretary