Board Minutes January 13, 2011


The meeting by LNV was called to order by President Claire Buckley at 4:30 p.m.  Members attending:  Claire Buckley, Anna Bolognani, Donna Smyth, Lindy Sargent, Marsha Middleton, Sue Monmaney, Karen Hennig, Dan Greene, Merlyn Miller, Marcia Peterson, Christine Eldred, Donna Sullivan-MacDonald, Shannon Walters, Cheryl Kissel, Christine Gilbert, Kate Davie, Sue Irish, Kathy Lawrence, Jessica Langlois, Angel Harris, and Marilee Attley.   

Minutes of the October 28, 2010 Board Meeting were previously approved by members and posted on the website.

Treasurer’s Report.  Donna highlighted information she’d provided on her emailed report.  There is a total of $2,119.27 in the checking account, $10,689.09 in one money market account and $22,621.55 in the other.  CDs are coming due with an interest rate of .25% for 7 months, which she will continue.  A subcommittee is working on incorporating the organization as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in conjunction with an update of the bylaws.  She will be completing the forms necessary.  She is also continuing a conversation with the IRS and the bank over a minor conflict over the use of  VT  vs. Vermont, which she will straighten out.  Donna  reminded Board members of the need to submit check requests and check registers.  Kathy L moved and Sue I seconded the acceptance of the treasurer’s report.  

Standing Committees and Regional Reports.  Committee reports were submitted by the Northwest and Southeast Regions and Merlyn Millers reports from AASL and NESLA.  

Old Business:  

Dynamic Landscapes.  Sue I.  reported that Donna Sullivan-MacDonald will help her coordinate the VSLA end of the conference, and there are six members on the conference committee.  Three keynote speakers had all accepted but negotiations must occur re: pricing.  VSLA needs to organize 24 workshops, and Sue hopes that Board members will reach out to other members and develop some exciting and different programs.  Sue asked for input on the annual membership meeting:  date, time, and place.  Ideas brainstormed included holding it right after the endnote, day 1;  combining with a dinner, possibly catered at a nearby school, Edmunds Elementary;  offering as a breakfast meeting;  holding on the day that Red Clover & DCF presentations occur, for convenience of librarians attracted to those programs.  After discussion the consensus was to hold the Annual Meeting at 4:00, day 1, directly after the end-note and with some fun activities to encourage attendance, and to further develop options for a dinner at 5:00.  Another committee member will be asked to take on the responsibility of organizing this part.

Learning4Life.   Linda McSweeney was not present to make further comments but the first boot camp in Danville was a huge success.  Marsha M. and Kate D. are writing articles for the local newspapers, and Claire encouraged everyone to do this in their regions.  A new date of Feb.12 was set for the second boot camp in Brattleboro.

Literacy in the Sun.   Claire and Linda McS. have met with Sue Ballard and Pamela Tinker from NH to discuss co-sponsoring this 2 day conference on school library advocacy and design in the 21st century.  The tentative date is August 8-9, 2011 at Plymouth State College, who in sponsoring the event would not charge for space, and would provide lunch at $10-14/person and snacks at $7-10/person.  Participants could receive 2 graduate credits as an extra option (and charge) to a very reasonably priced ($195) conference.  National name speakers were mentioned -  Kristin Fontichiaro(Common Core Standards) and Peg Sullivan (Learning Commons) - and their fees would be the largest program cost.  Claire asked the NH ladies if this conference would be self-sustaining, and they replied it would not be, but they couldn’t supply costs we could expect.  Discussion ensued regarding the importance of supporting these kinds of professional development, especially those that are so concentrated in focus with time built in for lengthy networking;  the financial commitment requirements of co-sponsoring the event;  the fact that professional development monies in schools are being reduced and VSLA has several programs it is supporting already with Dynamic Landscapes and the Boot Camps;  and the idea of sponsoring a couple of members to attend and  report back (Linda McSweeny had done this last summer).  The topic was ultimately tabled for discussion later in the spring.

VLA Collaboration.  Kate Davie reported that Jane Napier is getting presenters and doing lots of detail work;  Kate advised that in the future VSLA will need to help out with the conference organization.  Things are working this year, however, and it looks to be a good conference.  

Discussion of Listserv Participation.  The board discussed providing complementary listserv access to people who wish to join who are not school librarians, but who meet the by-laws’ stated qualifications with a connection to VSLA.  After review of the VSLC Constitution’s membership criteria, it was determined that membership is open to “any person interested in the organization’s purpose.”  Access to the listserv is automatic with membership, so an invitation to join VSLA will be extended to those interested in being part of the listserv.

Snapshot Day.  Christine Eldred described an advocacy project she’d learned about in Maine, which is becoming a national event.  Librarians take a snapshot of a typical day in their library – who visits, what resources are used, what activities take place.  Data is then shared so an aggregate/picture of libraries and their impact is created.  The idea that Christine and Kathy L. had been discussing in their regions is for school librarians to document their snapshot day, any date they choose, and keep records/pictures/web2.0 products of the day that would be presented state-wide, along with others from the public and academic world during National Library Week in April.  Christine will put some information, samples, and resources up on the VSLA wiki.  Kathy, Christine, and Claire had met with Marty Fiske to discuss public librarian initiatives, and Claire advised that the publics would like to have a school representative on their committee and some financial support;  $2,000 was mentioned.  Sue I moved (seconded by Anna) that VSLA set aside $2,000 to aid in the production and airing of publicity for school, public, and academic libraries in their Snapshot Day projects.     

Website – Authors.  Claire summarized this topic saying that VSLA did not want authors using the listserv to publicize and market their books but that it would be beneficial to all to provide some sort of venue.  Dan Greene was asked whether the website could offer some space, to which he readily agreed.  His idea would be to set up two areas:  one for Events/Author Visits  and one perhaps labeled Authors in Vermont, which could provide info on recently published books and links to authors’ websites.  Dan would share this information in an email on the listserv, and Claire suggested that regions keep Dan abreast of upcoming events.

Turning Points in American History.  Claire reminded the Board members to spread the word, and she will put information on the listserv about this program aimed at making history come alive for our students.  Claire emphasized that this is a great free professional development opportunity for librarians and the teachers with whom they work.  

Other Business.  Permabound had a request they asked Claire to forward to the membership, which she will do.  Shannon needs to have someone do the summer reading list for kids.  Dan mentioned that the AASL President, Nancy Everhardt, is coming to U-32 High School on May 11.  When prompted he reminded the Board that they had nominated Dan’s library as Vermont’s  “Outstanding School Library,” and it won, meaning that this visit will take place on that date from 9:30-11:30, with awards and special visitors, including Katherine Paterson.  

Adjournment.  With a motion by Sue I and a second by Karen H. the meeting was adjourned at 6:24 p.m.  Members of the by-laws/501(c)3 committee were informed that a meeting would be scheduled soon, by LNV.  

Respectfully submitted,

Lindy Sargent