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The 2010 Fall Conference

by Merlyn Miller, Librarian, Burr and Burton Academy  

The 2010 VSLA Fall Conference was held Thursday,    October 21, at Burr and Burton Academy in        Manchester, VT.  With registrants, presenters, and    hosts we numbered 51.

The day began at 8:30 a.m. with a delicious  breakfast, compliments of a library friend/baker.  At  9:00 a.m. we began a morning-long workshop on  Learning4Life, presented by Irene Kwidzinski.  Ms.  Kwidzinski lives in Connecticut and is the AASL t  rained coordinator for NESLA and CASL.  She has a  great deal of experience running L4L workshops,  and we were so pleased she could help increase our  understanding of the learning standards and  program guidelines.  All participants received a  copy of the Standards brochure and many purchased copies of the Standards in Action andEmpowering Learners books we had available.

Headmaster Mark Tashjian stopped by to welcome everyone and expressed his support for all we do as school librarians.  He made it possible to give all participants a copy of the book Castle in the Pasture which is a history of this area and our school.

After lunch, everyone helped themselves to dessert and met in our seminar room to hear author/historian Jason Emerson share stories about his experiences and adventures in historical research.  Mr. Emerson is an independent historian who focuses on the life and times of Abraham Lincoln and his family.  He is the author of The Madness of Mary Lincoln andLincoln the Inventor and has just completed a book on Robert Todd Lincoln that will be published next fall.  He is the 2010 scholar-in-residence for Hildene, the Lincoln Family Home.

Following Mr. Emerson’s presentation, VSLA President Claire Buckley ran a VSLA business meeting and at the same time a group of interested folks were treated to a BBA campus tour by one of our student ambassadors.

We regrouped at 2:00 p.m. and had a door prize drawing.  The prizes given included two mugs from ALA, autographed copies of Jason Emerson’s booksLincoln the Inventor and The Madness of Mary Lincoln, and a digital copy of the complete National Geographic – every issue since 1888.

From 2:00 p.m. until 3:30 p.m. we divided into two groups.  Half of us were treated to a Rapid Review session presented by three reviewers from The Northshire Book Store, who reviewed the latest fall releases for children, elementary through young adult. The other half were treated to a Sue Monmaney presentation called Transformation & Technology:  A New Way of Learning — Classroom Scenarios.

At 3:30 p.m. we asked everyone to stop by our Candy Treat Bar and help themselves to a bag of Halloween treats for the trip home.  We also gaveeveryone a packet of materials which included the usual info as well as handouts from Ms. Kwidzinski, bibliographies from our reviewers, a certificate of attendance, and bookmarks and a postcard featuring the combination of Harriet Reisen’s book on Louisa May Alcott and the American Masters film on Louisa May Alcott.

Conference Planning for Dynamic Lanscapes Spring 2010

On December 30, Sue Furry-Irish and Sue Monmaney met with Ed Barry of VITA-Learn to finalize plans for a joint VSLA/VITA-Learn Spring 2010 conference, to be called “Dynamic Landscapes 2.0: Synergy at Work.” This exciting 2-day conference will be held at Champlain College May 13th and 14th, building upon the successful Dynamic Landscapes Conferences of the past by blending in workshops of special interest to library media specialists and their extended communities.  In addition, a special dinner with guest speaker will be offered for Thursday evening, May 13th.  The entire 2-day program will create an unprecedented gathering of educators with different job titles who share the same media literacy goals.

The call for proposals goes out to the technology, library, and education communities January 11th, with a February 19th deadline for receipt of proposals.  All proposals should be emailed to Sue Furry-Irish at by February 19th or before.  Proposals should be 75 words or less (with a catchy title!) on a topic related to technology in K-12 education. Presenters will receive free registration for one day of the conference (one registration per one-hour workshop).

VSLA aims to bring 24 presentations to the conference mix.  While we will be looking for proposals that relate to the library media center, we must remember that conference participants will be a mix of librarians, teachers, and technology integration specialists. Collaborative projects or library uses that could be duplicated in classrooms will reach a broader audience.  At the same time, we are mindful that the spring conference needs to meet the special interests of our library community.  If you have an important idea to propose or would like to help the conference committee, please contact Sue Furry-Irish at the above email address.

This collaborative conference is a new venture for both parties, so librarians, let’s shine!Share your expertise with others, encourage synergy, and benefit from others’ creativity. Are you using Skype, blogs, wikis, podcasts, Flip videos, or wish you were?  Do you need clarification on 21st Century Learning Skills? Are you dying to discuss Fair Use questions or policies on publishing, Web 2.0, and more? Come learn, share, meet, and teach at the Dynamic Landscapes 2.0 Conference this May 13th and 14th!

October 24th, 2008 by vslainfo

Vermont School Library Fall Conference: Making Connections


When:     Thursday October 23rd 2008  9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Where:     U-32 School, Montpelier, Vermont
What:     The VSLA  Annual 1-Day Conference

Keynote: Susan Ballard: Director of Library, Media and Technology Services for the Londonderry (NH) School District.
Susan Ballard’s Handout (pdf) & Powerpoint presentation

Some of Susan’s documents that she links to in her Powerpoint can be found in this zip file :ballard-docs

Be sure to check out: Standards for the 21st Century Learner in Action from the AASL

Susan Hennessey, Harwood Union High School
Library Research with Web 2.0 Tools

Learn how to use current Web 2.0 technologies to help students search for, organize, and synthesize relevant, credible information.  We will explore push technologies like Netvibes and Pageflakes, social bookmarking sites like Delicious and Diggo, and organizing tools from Intel and  Best of all, all of these tools are free to educators

See the  VSLA Central Wiki Susan’s Presentation Wiki Page

Pam Burke, Marlboro Elementary School & VSLA web person 
Fun Connecting With Blogs
We’ll take a look at some excellent examples of using blogs in school library programs and discuss ways you can use this fun 2.0 technology to engage students. We’ll discuss best practices with blogs in the classroom, and ways to encourage your school to embrace these great learning tools. We’ll also look at how you can use blogs as a public relations tool to keep your library websites fresh & interesting.

Hands-On Fun With Blogs
In the afternoon, we’ll all register for a free blog with Edublogs and … play! We’ll try on some new themes, add some fun plugins, and learn a little about managing blogs. We’ll have time for lots of questions and if you’re interested I’ll show you some fun tricks too, like how you can grab your feed and display it on your existing website or use your delicious tags to maintain links on your blog. Registrants are encouraged to create a free Edublogs account before we meet; sign up at

Pam’s Blog & Presentation Materials

Anne Gallivan, Barstow Memorial School Library & Mary Danko, Proctor Library
Book Talking & Web 2.0
Bringing Book Talks into the 21st century is easier than ever with all the great Web 2.0 technologies that are available.  Anne Gallivan and Mary Danko will give an overview of different options for you to consider.  Blogs, FaceBook, Delicous, Twitter & YouTube are just some of the social networking tools that can be adapted to publicize books to the tech savvy kids of today.

Mary Danko’s Slideshow & Anne Gallivan’s Slideshow (on

Michael Roche, Northeast Regional Library, Vermont Department of Libraries
Copyright in the Digital Age
Here is a zip file of Michael’s handouts (in Word format): copyright-vsla

Stephanie Chase, Stowe Free Library
Audiobooks & ListenUp Vermont

Find out about different formats (including mp3 cds and playaways), issues surrounding collection and downloadables, including DRM, copyright, and iPod compatibility.
Stephanie’s Handout (pdf) & The Listen Up! Vermont website

Peter Gould, performer and author of Write Naked spoke about his new book.