Board Minutes April 12, 2012

VSLA Board Meeting Minutes

April 12, 2012

Hotel Coolidge, White River Junction


The meeting was called to order by President Anna Bolognani at 4:45 p.m.  Members attending:  Anna Bolognani, Donna Smyth, Lindy Sargent, Karen Hennig, Marcia Peterson, Christine Eldred, Donna Sullivan-MacDonald, Shannon Walters, Cheryl Kissel, Christine Gilbert, Kate Davie, Beth Mallon, and Sue Irish.


Secretary's Report.   The March 8, 2012 minutes were approved after a motion for acceptance by Marcia and a second by Karen.


Treasurer's Report.   

Donna Smyth reported that the financial outlook is good with $4324.57 in the checking account and $10,697.11 & 18,352.69 in the two money market funds.  Donna next mentioned that she had not received a grant request or any bills on previous grant requests from the GMBA and DCF committees.   She will contact Grace to ask about it….and about a VSLA member discount for the DCF conference which doesn’t appear to be included in the poster flyers.  Shannon will also talk to Suzannah Patterson, member of the DCF committee.  Donna also discussed Linda McSweeney’s bills for last year’s  L4L boot camps, which she has not received and thus the original amount of $2,500 has not been fully paid.  She also wondered if this figure would be the same for Linda’s work with the L4L rockstar workshops this year.   The board agreed this was appropriate, and Donna will follow up with Linda and let her know to submit bills and mileage.  She will also check with her about a time frame for being reimbursed that works for Linda.  The treasurer’s report was then passed, following a motion by Karen and a second by Shannon to accept it. 


Dynamic Landscapes.

Donna Sullivan-MacDonald reported that recent registration figures showed the conference was filling up:  197 people for the two-day attendance with an additional 106 registrants for Thursday and 61 for Friday.   The conference closes at 350 attendees per day.    There are 115 people on the waiting list for the IPad workshops.  Jennifer LaGarde has booked her plane and hotel.   Claire is organizing a dinner.  The new green VSLA member ribbons are here and will be distributed at the registration table in the presentation room.  Answering a question about whether the DCF books would be handled at that workshop, Donna indicated she hadn’t heard from them and assumed that the books would be shared at the DCF conference.


Intellectual Freedom.

Christine Eldred shared information about the Choose Privacy week occurring May 1-7 and indicated that the website has resources, posters, videos and lesson plans.  She then mentioned an email she’d received from a Vermont librarian about a filtering issue related to Craigs List being blocked at her school and the lack of discussion that preceded this move.  Christine asked the board members how we might promote these discussions about what is best practice – maybe at the Dynamic Landscapes conference where librarians can visit with technology coordinators?

Discussion then revolved around Snapshot Day for which Christine has also prepared resources.   Ideas were shared about librarians creating a photostory of what they are doing throughout the year and then submitting it at this Snapshot Day time.  Students could be “photographer of the day” and help take the pictures.   Christine was thanked for offering a workshop about Snapshot Day with Marty Fiske of VLA.




Karen Henning gave copies of the current membership list to the regional representatives so they could have a record of who is on the current list and who might need a reminder (those with “11” versus “12” had not yet renewed their membership).  Karen also raised the question about how to accommodate librarians who require a purchase order for their dues payment, which has not been a customary practice for VSLA.  Suggestions were given for how those in this situation could get around the requirement at their end, and Karen indicated that she would let it float for right now, unless it is a continuing concern for members.  Donna Sullivan MacDonald’s next Spotlight for Dynamic Landscapes, which is on YOU (librarians), will include a reminder for librarians to bring checkbooks for renewing their membership, and she will also let everyone know that some lucky member’s name will be drawn for a prize!


NESLA/AASL.  No report.


L4L/Rockstar Workshops

In her absence Linda McSweeney’s report was shared.  She had outlined the schedule for the workshops which occurred this past year—a catch-up boot camp Dec. 3, 2011 in Randolph and 4 rockstar programs in 2012 (Jan. 28, Feb. 11, Mar. 10, and Mar. 31).  Her report also outlined the agenda for these rockstar workshops and concluded with the wonderful comment: “ As we discussed on the Rockstar Tour, we will never be rich and famous like Rockstars, but we compose, perform, sing, and dance every day with the best of them!”


Technology Concerns.

Shannon Walters shared information about the “Turn the Screens Off” IT listserv initiative that has been planned for May 30 and requested feedback from the board.  Was the focus on turning off the screen or fair & equitable access or a combination?  Perhaps there’s a need to do more with the educational uses of cell phones.  Facebook is used at some schools and provokes thought about the use of social media as an educational tool.  Another date for the calendar is October 3, 2012:   Banned Sites Day.  Shannon also advised the group that she’s researching Safari and other video streaming options being added to the consortium/state bid contract; 50 schools would be needed.  Sufficient bandwith would be a consideration.  Then discussion moved to planning the “What’s Next?” Saturday workshop with Joyce Valenzca for the Dynamic Landscapes 2013 conference.  The idea is to give a time to move from theory to practice in a hands-on workshop that could happen at Champlain College, which option Shannon has confirmed, or at a local school that would be cheaper but would also require sufficient Internet resource for maybe 100 attendees.  Discussion also introduced other options such as holding this event on a separate day in the fall, as part of a Fall conference, or scheduling a double session slot for Joyce at DL.  Skyping opportunities with other library world individuals was also mentioned.  Shannon spoke with Linda McSweeney about these ideas, and Linda thought it was a very exciting idea and would be a good use of the professional development money that year.  Shannon did confirm with Joyce that the $2,500 budgeted figure plus travel and hotel would cover the costs.  The DL committee will continue this planning and make recommendations to the board.   Finally, Shannon advised the group that the

VT AACD (American Association of Curriculum Development) was doing an Ed Camp this Saturday at Founders Elementary School and invited everyone to this unconference, where the focus is on networking rather than planned workshops.  She will advertise the event on the listserv.


Legislative Concerns.

Donna Sullivan-MacDonald reported that she and Anna will be traveling to Washington DC with Marty Reid on April 22.  They’ve completed a webinar for beginners and are looking forward to the meetings, which will also include agenda meetings with Senators Leahy and Sanders and a Welch staffer.



Marcia Peterson shared that she didn’t have a newsletter (no articles were submitted) to edit and that it seemed a good time to let the website take the place of the newsletter.  It was decided that in the fall a print letter would be sent to all school librarians, which would include a welcome address, the membership form, and a notice to visit the website for stories and news.



Anna Bolognani indicated that she had found a new VSLA webmaster to replace Dan who has given notice.  Her name is Tricia Manzke, librarian at Deerfield Valley and new VSLA member.  Discussion ensued about ways to connect the listserv to the website, RSS feeds?  Facebook?  Marcia will send out a listserv note asking members to submit articles at any time.


Regional Reports.

Sue Irish reported that the NWII  Rockstar workshop at MMU was wonderful! 

Cheryl Kissel and Christine Gilbert reported for the Central region that they had excellent turn-out at their meetings, which followed the Material Review sessions, and that there are one or two more regional meetings in the works for this year. 


New Business.


            Budget for 2012-2013.

Donna Smyth shared the upcoming budget which will be presented at the annual meeting May 10, 2012.  Areas reviewed include:

            Interest (Income) - $25 is a more accurate figure and replaces $75.

            Newsletter – Since the initial letter will be continued the $500 budgeted amount should be retained, even if the focus shifts to sending updates via the website.   

            Legislative Day – Increase to $1,000 to cover costs. 

            Fall conference – Discussion: should this be reinstituted or does the Professional Development Initiative line item cover it or are both necessary?  The Board decided to keep both in as it was decided that any membership professional development is the best use of VSLA money.  Since a $2,000 figure for the Fall conference would also be added to the income categories, the bottom line would be just the $2,500 for Professional Development.   

            Savings Spenddown ($2,945) is the mechanism Donna uses to balance the budget.

Donna revised the figures after discussion and with the Total Income and Total Expenses both equaling $17,970, the 2012-13 budget was presented for board approval.  With a motion by Sue and a second by Karen, the budget was accepted.


            Board positions.

Anna reminded the board that we still did not have a full slate of officers, and the board replied that she would continue as the president.


            Next meetings.  

Annual membership meeting:  May 10, 2012, Dynamic Landscapes conference, Champlain College. 

Board meeting:  June 7, 2012 , Ottauquechee School


Adjournment.  With a motion by Karen and a second by Marcia the meeting was adjourned at 7:25.


Respectfully submitted,


Lindy Sargent