Board Minutes March 8, 2012

VSLA Board Meeting

March 8, 2012



The meeting was called to order by President Anna Bolognani at 4:18 p.m.  Members attending:  Anna Bolognani, Claire Buckley, Donna Smyth, Lindy Sargent, Karen Hennig, Christine Eldred, Donna Sullivan-MacDonald, Shannon Walters, Christine Gilbert, Kate Davie, Sue Irish, Kathy Lawrence, Angel Harris, Erikka Adams, and Merlyn Miller, by phone.


Secretary's Report.  The January 26, 2012 minutes had been distributed by email prior to this meeting and approved.


Treasurer’s Report. 

Donna  provided the balances in the checking ($5025.82), money market ($10,696.79 and $17,977.14), and CD ($2,907.27 and $5,155.13) accounts.  At the next meeting she will present the budget to the Board for discussion.   Claire moved to accept the treasurer’s report which was then seconded by Christine and approved.


Dynamic Landscapes.   Anna asked Donna Sullivan-MacDonald and the committee to comment on several topics:

            Scholarships.  Are there any scholarships to be provided for the conference?   This is a great idea, which has been approved philosophically but not logistically, so it should be discussed again at the end of the year (June) meeting so as to be put in place and ready at registration time next year. The Board would like to promote this professional development opportunity for librarians not able to attend DL and for AASL/ ALA first timers.  

            Invitations to New England Library Association Presidents to attend with 1 day complementary registration.  There is a reciprocal agreement from NEASC to invite the presidents from each state to attend 1 day of the state conference and Anna wondered how that would work.  After discussion it was decided that Anna would extend an invitation and advise them that since the conference can close out they would need to let us know by a certain date.  The registration fee would come out of VSLA funds, not conference proceeds. 

            Awards.   Anna noted that when she attended the Massachusetts School Library Association conference there were quite a few awards presented.   She felt that recognition was important and maybe VSLA could increase the awards we present.  Erikka is the new VSLA Awards Chair, and she shared some of her ideas and advised she’d look into other organizations’ efforts and come up with some creative categories and ways to secure more nominations. 

            Donna Sullivan-MacDonald reported that registration for the conference went live this morning and that each week she would be spotlighting a different person (Nancy Everhart was the first) or topic.  She requested that librarians look for the DL flyer, which often goes to the technology coordinator in the school, and distribute it to teachers.  Other points raised were providing ribbons for VSLA members (teacher-librarian-warriors!) to wear at the conference and trying to organize a count of attendees in each workshop.  The committee also discussed booking Joyce Valenza for next year’s conference, which would have to happen now.  The suggestion was made that an additional day, perhaps a Saturday, be planned as an extension to the DL conference.  It might make it more attractive to a presenter and to librarians if VSLA offered another opportunity for professional development on topics like the common core standards.  Buffy Hamilton and Skype sessions were also mentioned.   The board was very excited about booking Joyce, and Shannon will work on exploring options so they can be further discussed in the spring. 


Summer Reading List.   Shannon advised that we need 4 people K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 to commit to a deadline (April vacation) and asked the Board if there were any volunteers among us.  Claire suggested checking in with the DCF, RC, and GMBA committee members who are familiar with so many titles.  Erikka (GMBA member) volunteered and was given some more specifics.  10-15 titles are needed per age category, annotations can be just the CIP data or original reviews, and reviewers must be VT-NEA members.  A Google form with a text box might help make it easier, too. 


Intellectual Freedom.   Christine Eldred reported that she created the lib guide, which she will ask Dan to link to the website.  She will also submit a general request to the listserv asking people to keep her informed of any challenges.


Membership.  Karen Hennig indicated that while it’s a slow time of year she is still getting information updates from members.

 NESLA/AASL.  No report.

 L4L/Rockstar Workshops.    The Brattleboro workshop will take place this Saturday.

 Technology Concerns.  No report.

 Legislative Concerns.   Donna Sullivan-MacDonald will be heading to Washington D.C. next month for Legislative Day and will have more information after that event.

 Newsletter.  Anna reported for Marcia, who suggested that rather than preparing a winter newsletter we focus instead on the website and submit any news and articles via that venue.  The Board agreed this was a good idea.

 Website.   Anna advised that Board members should let her know if they have any ideas for replacing the irreplaceable Dan Greene, who has given notice for this position at the end of the year.

 Regional Reports.   

            NW I   Angel advised they’d had a good meeting discussing e-books and how they’re selecting them.  She also added that some principals seem to have heard the buzzword “learning commons” and want to institute them.  The NW I region will meet again this month.


Old Business.

             Snapshot Day.  Christine Eldred reported that she’d contacted Joe Farara at VLA, who liked the idea but hadn’t gotten back to her yet.   Marty Fiske and Christine will be doing a workshop at Dynamic Landscapes on advocacy.  She will update the wiki and share with the listserv.  Anna indicated that Massachusetts is doing their Snapshot Day on April 12.

             April is School Library Month.  Just a reminder!

             VLA Conference.   Kate Davie sent out an email about the conference to the listserv and asked that one of the agenda items for the Board Retreat be a discussion of what model of conference support we want to pursue.  

            Board Retreat .  Anna reported that the first week in August looks the best for Board member attendance.  She asked for input as to where to hold the retreat and anything else necessary for planning. 


New Business.


            Retiring Librarians.   Anna was asked to solicit a list of retirees on the listserv.  She will ask regional reps to let her know of retiring librarians in their areas.

             Board Recruits.   Anna asked the Board members to help recruit for any open position.  Lindy is retiring, and Kate has graciously volunteered to take over as secretary. 


Next meetings.

                         Thursday, April 12 at 4:30, Coolidge Inn, White River Junction (budget for next year)

                         Annual Membership Meeting - Thursday, May 10 at Dynamic Landscapes conference

                         Thursday, June 7 – in person TBA (Marcia's?)


With a motion by Sue and a second by Karen the meeting was adjourned at 5:25 p.m.

 Respectfully submitted,


Lindy Sargent