What is Project IGNITE?

Goals of Project Ignite

Identify Innovative and Transformative Educators in Vermont schools

Gather 1 or more artifact from Vermont IGNITED Teachers that can help other educators pursue innovation and transformation in their classroom
Nourish the spirit of Innovation in Vermont IGNITED Teachers

Increase Innovative learning opportunities for Vermont students and teachers.

Transform learning in classrooms around Vermont.

Educators networking around the concept of Innovation and Transformation

How can I participate?

Nominate a Colleague for VT IGNITED Teacher Recognition
Add comments to VT IGNITED Teacher Recognition Voice Thread

View "Questions for Teachers" VoiceThread Artifact
Share your own stories in response to these Artifact using the Comments Feature of VoiceThread.

Sign up for Special Pricing for VoiceThread before the end of VermontFest.
Sign up for VoiceThread Professional Development coming to your Vita-Learn Region.