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Welcome to the Harmony Neighborhood Association


Harmony Halloween Party

Idea Videos

San Francisco PARK(ing) Day - 9/30/07


November Open Meeting -Added 1/4/08

Original Town Meeting Video


Harmony Lot Neighborhood Association's First Meeting: Part 1

Harmony Lot Neighborhood Association's First Meeting: Part 2

Harmony Videos/Songs

NEW! 11/6 - Good Times: Harmony Lot at October Gallery Walk

11/01/07 Theresa Maggio's fun new video of the the Harmony Halloween Party. Enjoy!

Harmony Halloween: Part 1

Harmony Halloween: Part 2

Song: Viva La Harmony - 10/17/07

Harmony Bike Repair- 10/9/07Gives some insight into the work ethic and community spirit alive in Harmony

Harmony Lot: Peace Looks Like This- 10/8/07featuring Mo and Andrew in a relaxing Harmony moment with a really nice performance by Drew on Guitar.

Harmony Rats - 10/2/07 "Some great young people who want a revolution in Harmony. They reminded me of the Fab Four at a press conference"

Fun Night in Harmony Lot - 9/30/07

Three Part Harmony in the Lot - 9/26/07

Quiet Night in Brattleboro's Harmony Lot - 9/21/07

Problems at the Harmony Parking Lot - 9/15/07

Harmony Lot Mural: Part 1 - Added 9/30/07

Harmony Lot Mural: Part 2 - Added 9/30/07

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