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Updated Monday, May 19th, 2008

Join in the Harmony

The Harmony Neighborhood Association is a grassroots effort dedicated to nurturing a truly great public space in our community and effectively dealing with the problems in and around the central neighborhood of downtown Brattleboro. More than anything, Harmony represents our hope for what is possible in our community and what is necessary in this very special place we call - The Harmony.

Citizen Action Plan: 

1. Read the website or request information by mail.

2. Join Us On Our Projects. We're working very hard at making a difference in the Harmony. We can definitely use your help!

3. Take ownership of the Harmony. Don't be afraid to pick up some trash or politely ask someone to stop swearing. If you see someone that's out of line, consider calling them on it. At the very least they might get the message that it's not OK to be disrespectful and intimidating in the Harmony. If you see something illegal, call the police at 257-7946. It's time for a return to civility.

4. Talk About the Change. It's public perception in addition to  participation that will make possible the changes we're all hoping to achieve.

5. Enjoy We've already made noticeable changes in the Harmony.  This fall has seen a sharp decrease in the problems that have plagued us over the past two years.  Sure, it's getting cold, but  before it was cold, it was also better. It's already happening!

Here's the Latest:

Bob's Lucky Adventure - I bid you all farewell for now. I'm headed out on a bicycle trip up the Maine coast to Nova Scotia. What I will find and where I shall land is yet to be discovered, but I wish you all the best with the Harmony and with all things Brattleboro. You can track my progress at http://luckycornflake.blogspot.com If you'd like to get involved in the Harmony Project, please contact Deanna Garcia at gnana44@aol.com or by calling 802-257-7340. You can also contact Andrea at Building a Better Brattleboro at 802-257-4886. My best to you all! ~B

Harmony Info Center It's up! Our Public Info Center in the Harmony Lot where people can get information on things like...

What do we want people to know about our vision for the downtown?

What's Cool To Do In Brattleboro?

How Do I Access Important Social Services?

This will be an important source of information that will help to keep the public informed and involved. Look for it to appear starting in early April along with a companion  kiosk for the In-Sight Photography Project, a valuable program for area youth. Go, Harmony!

Cigarette Butt Campaign

We are now maintaining six new cigarette butt receptacles in and around the Harmony. We'll be trying a few different container concepts and are currently developing a poster campaign aimed at educating the public that "Filters Are Forever!".

Harmony Clean-ups Regular Harmony and Elliott St clean-ups have been taking place when motivation allows. We should all feel encouraged to participate in cleaning up Brattleboro whenever we can. The trash isn't going to pick itself up.

Videos, etc.: Theresa Maggio  has a bunch of great videos of the Harmony including November's HNA meeting. Great Job! Check it out along with many other Harmony videos!

Communication If you have not been receiving email updates and would like to be added to our master email list, please let us know vermontharmony@gmail.com.


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