What's a New Economy?

Economic structures like markets, management rules, money, metrics, and the laws and customs around ownership are often invisible - people do not understand how these features of our current economy shape their own livelihoods and economic security. A new economy changes the inequitable and oppressive nature of these structures and invents new ways to achieve environmental and human health.

We are working to create and demonstrate new economic structures and processes:
  1. Ownership Models like public benefit corporations, cooperatives, workers owned businesses, and community owned enterprises. 
  2. Financing Options – public banking, small investor markets, and commercial barter systems.
  3. Entrepreneurial development to support founders of new enterprises.
  4. Means of Exchange such as time banks, food currencies, commercial barter, and other mutual exchange systems.
  5. Management Systems that manage to the multiple bottom lines of community, nature, human development, and long-term health.
  6. Measurement and Metrics that account for natural and human health, happiness, and long-term resilience.
These structures direct energy, money, time, and other resources to: 1) Generate renewable energy and energy efficiency; 2) Grow organic food and resilient regional food systems; 3) Develop our creative sector to generate new ideas and solutions; 4) Support enterprises that work to reuse and recycle waste products; 5) Sustain the beauty and value of our forests and highlands ecosystems; 6) Build health and vitality for all people, regardless of income or other status; 7) Undertake regenerative activities restoring wetlands, lakes, rivers, and biodiversity.