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June 1, 2020 River Birch Tree Planted in Park by Mary Henniker (who is also a member of the Brattleboro Tree Committee) and Jil MacMenamin.  JilMac  
September 11, 2017 Spearheaded by Mary Henniker, the Completion of upgrade to historical garden area to the left of the Creamery Bridge entrance from Rt 5. 50 years ago when the Burning Bush was planted - it was not considered an invasive - and was small. Since th 2000's the burning bush became a maintenance nightmare - it was removed through great effort and has been replanted with natives  JilMac  
June 23, 2016 FGCVT about photos of a pollinator garden   JilMac  
October 7, 2013 Bird Bath Installed  JilMac  
April 9, 2012 Visit to Bill Jacques to see the beautiful Barre Granite Benches he is making for the Park  JilMac  
January 31, 2011 Vermont Leaf 2011 Spring article  JilMac  
October 18, 2010 New England Regional Flower Show - "Rock Tour" was there!  JilMac  
August 24, 2010 First set of CobbleStones are installed at the Creamery Bridge Park  JilMac  
September 2, 2010 New Bridge at Creamery Bridge Park is Officially OPENED!-Frankie speaks  Frankie  
July 28, 2010 See Cobbles being made!  JilMac  
June 17, 2010 Rock Tour - AGWAY  JilMac  
July 22, 2010 Saw them sandblasting the cobbles! They look great!  JilMac  
June 3, 2010 Rock Tour at Walker Farm  JilMac  
June 1, 2010 Rock Tour Began at Linden Gardens!   JilMac  
May 18, 2010 Preset to Town Board the Friends of the Creamery Bridge Cobble Project starting at 6pm   JilMac  
April 27, 2010 Create Cobble Web Site. Link from the Club's Site click the Cobble Icon   JilMac  
July 30, 2010 Split Rail Fence  Frankie  
November 5, 2009 Creamery Bridge Drawings  Frankie  
December 16, 2009 Create Brochure & Cobble Order Form  JilMac  
October 29, 2009 Show Cobble Samples to the Garden Club  JilMac  
April 12, 2010 Update Garden Club with Creamery Bridge Project  Frankie  
Showing 21 items