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Cobble Project Fundraiser
"JilMac" - Jil MacMenamin
JilMac has been a member of the Garden Club since 1995.  She is the Plant Sale Manager, as well as held many other positions in the club.

Creamery Bridge Garden Founder
"Frankie"  Frances Gibson
Frankie is a founding member of the Brattleboro Floral Arts and Garden Club.  She held all major positions in the club, as well as been President of the Vermont Federated Garden Club.  She had numerous awards for her floral designs.  Frankie worked tirelessly on the Creamery Bridge Beautification project and was the Chairman of the project.
Abbiati Monuments
802-254-4855    Daniel Tardie, Manager
Abbiati Monuments has partnered with the Brattleboro Garden Club to create the Engravings on the Cobbles.  Each cobble will be sandblasted with up to three lines each with up to 10 letters.  The lines will be centered unless otherwise noted on the form.  We appreciate their support and hope for years of work to encourage community involvement in Vermont Green Spaces.

Previous ROCK TOUR Sponsors - ROCK !!


A Rock Tour is when a Cobble is taken "On-The-Road" and spends a number of Weeks at a Commuty Hang Out.  Each Community Business can have a Poster, Cobble and Handouts or they can have a A Blue Pot Planter with the CobbleStone & Greenery and Handouts like the one pictured on the left.  Our Cobbles have visited:
Linden Gardens  (All Summer) Special Thanks to Kathy & Ed for all their great ideas!


 Atamaniuk Funeral Home, Inc.

  Walker Farm (Two Weeks)

Achille Agway (All Summer)

Brattleboro Savings & Loan


 Contact JilMac 802-254-8628 if you would like to be part of the Tour!

Brattleboro Floral Arts & Garden Club

A Member of the Vermont Federated Garden Clubs