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Peonie Plant Theift and Vandalizim

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Thieft of Peonie Plant pictures.  Pictures that were taken of the holes dug and plants removed and distroyed.  


Peonie Plants were dug up the summer of 2019 at the Creamery Bridge Park along the back fence on the Farmers Market parking lot.  Other plants were stolen from the Front of the Creamery Bridge and reported to Police Summer 2019.  NOTE:  Peonies were also dug up and stolen from the WWI Park on Green Street.

Summer of 2020 Peonie Plants were dug up and taken from along the gard rails on the new bridge to Living Memorial Park.  

Flood - Tropical Storm Irene August 28-29, 2011

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The Creamery Covered Bridge that the Brattleboro Garden Club takes care of the plantings and cobbles - crosses the Whetstone Brook in West Brattleboro at the Living Memorial Park.
Kathy Urffer of Marlboro College Graduate School in Downtown Brattleboro recently won an award from the Alliance for Community Media, a national organization that promotes civic engagement through supporting community television and media stations.  The video, The Rescue of the Whetstone Brook is a 30-minute documentary on the Brattleboro Department of Public Work's response to infrastructure damage from Tropical Storm Irene in 2011. This short documentary chronicles the Brattleboro Department's valiant effort to replace the Whetstone Sewer Interceptor after it was destroyed during Tropical Storm Irene, preventing thousands of gallons of sewage from entering the waterway. The video won an award in the Government Profile category.

Brattleboro Vermont - Storm Irene

Bird Bath

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Dolores Wollam - Garden Club Lady
The Brattleboro Garden Club received a wonderful donation of a ground level slate birdbath !!

A birdbath was donated by Dolores Wollam's daughter & family to honor her life.  Dolores was one of our Garden Club Ladies for a number of years until she moved away.  

Dolores was the happiest in Brattleboro - and she loved being in our club.  The bird-bath was installed by Abbiatti Monuments in November 2013. Dolores's cobble will be placed around the 

In addition to adding a beautiful hardscape to our Creamery Bridge Park, the birdbath provides protection to erosion in a much needed location.  The ground level bird bath is in the area where the Old Park and the New Park Area meet.  During Hurricane Irene - the new gravel and topsoil started to erode.  The Cobbles held their place but the sand, soil and mulch around each cobble washed away, and a revenue between the Old & New park began to appear.  The revenue was covered, and the Bird Bath surrounded the ajuga garden which is surrounded with additional cobblestones.

Bird Bath donated in Deloris name by her daughter Leslie Greenberg
The Brattleboro Garden Club is extremely grateful for the Love, Kind Thoughts & 2013 Bird Bath Donation by Dolores' daughter.  The Garden Club's Cobblestone Chair: JilMac enjoyed working with Dolores Daughter: Leslie Greenberg on this project.

Dedication of Ann Knickerbocker & Frankie Gibson BENCHES

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In the Fall of 2012 - Last Year!
Frankie Gibson's bench with it's bow for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

Ann Knickerbocker's bench with Jerry's jacket draped comfortably over it.

Ann's Bench 

with it's bow 


Jerry's Jacket 


resting on it.  

Jerry & Ruthann were in charge of Refreshments!  
Wine, Glasses, Table, Cloth - for the Toast & Dedication.

Jerry Leads the toast!  He thanks the Garden Club for making Ann's dream come true - and for such a 
beautiful park where he could put Ann's bench.  A perfect September afternoon with the Garden Club & friends.

Raising of the glasses of wine on a lovely fall afternoon celebrating the accomplishments of years of planning.  
Frankie & Ann had planned the park extension for more than 15 years.  And it finally became a reality.

Jerry Knickerbocker cuts the ribbon on Ann's bench while their 
daughter RuthAnn looks on!

Ann Knickerbocker's 

Ribbon Cutting is a success!

Jon Knickerbocker & Missy

look on as Dad Jerry and 

sister RuthAnn collect the

Bench Ribbon.

Frankie Gibson cutting her bench's Ribbon (above).

Frankie finally gets a break from the years of work

she has done planning the Creamery Bridge Park


A Job well done!

Ruthann, Fran, Frankie, Missy and Alice - enjoying the toast!
Alice, Jon hiding behind Missy, Ann & Connie.

A perfect evening - with Friends - to celebrate the work of the Brattleboro Floral Arts & Garden Club.

Brattleboro Drop-In Center Volunteers

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Vermont Garden Bratts:  Richard, JilMac + Conett
Richard & Conette of the Brattleboro Drop-In Center have been helping JilMac of the Brattleboro Garden Club prepare new gardens each Monday morning this summer.

Since Mid July the Drop-In Center has volunteered over 30 hours of time.  And the goal is to exceed 60 hours this summer.

The Vermont Garden Club is extremely happy to have the volunteers help with weeding, watering and helping plant the extended gardens.

Vandals leave marks on town-Citizens Bridge Planters

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POSTED:   07/22/2013 03:00:00 AM EDT
Monday July 22, 2013
  Dick DeGray stands by one of the vandalized flower beds by the Creamery Bridge in Brattleboro. Vandals dumped around $600 worth of newly planted flower beds into the river shortly after DeGray had finished arranging them. (Kayla Rice/Reformer)

Note:  Citizen's Bridge is the traffic bridge that replaced the Creamy Covered Bridge from Western Avenue into Living Memorial Park.

BRATTLEBORO -- Dick DeGray is not ready to give up yet.

DeGray and his wife, Missy Galanes, helped raise money, and donated additional cash and time, for planters on Citizens Bridge off of Route 9 in West Brattleboro.

One day last week he was disheartened to find that someone had torn out the flowers and dumped the linings and some planters down in the Whetstone Brook which runs underneath the bridge.

But he's not ready to walk away and let whoever vandalized the flower plantings think they can destroy community support and work so easily.

"I would just like to talk to whoever did this, and ask them what they were trying to achieve. What was the goal?," he said. "At some point you just hope against hope that these people will realize what they're doing and see how they are hurting people."

DeGray said he and Galanes spent about $650 purchasing liners and flowers for the bridge and he wants to gather donations now to get the plantings back in place, even though he knows it is hard to stop vandals from destroying them again.

"People notice them. When I'm out watering people stop and thank me," DeGray says. "And when visitors see this it says positive things about our community. An attractive community attracts others to it. Appearance counts."

The vandalism on Citizens Bridge is just the most recent example of senseless crime that seems to plague Brattleboro from time to time.

Other plantings on Main Street have been destroyed and earlier this month a number of cars, and a residence, on Pine Street were damaged by spray paint.

Brattleboro Police Lt. Bob Kirkpatrick said summer tends to be a busier time for vandals.

The warmer weather means more people are out at night and while Kirkpatrick could not pin the most recent events on youth, random property damage is often linked to teenagers who are out of school and have more time on their hands.

"A lot of things usually come into play with these incidents," he said. "Someone's home life, or drugs and alcohol, or maybe someone is just having a bad day and wants to take it out on someone. I don't understand the mindset of someone who would do this."

Don Chapin, who lives on Pine Street, said the recent rash of vandalism left him and his neighbors concerned about their property and neighborhood, and about the town as a whole.

"All the residents of Brattleboro should be aware of what is going on," he said. "I am afraid every morning of what I am going to find when I wake and take inventory of my property. I am saddened about what has become of our beautiful town."

More than a dozen cars were damaged one night on Pine Street and a home was spray painted.

Chapin wants people all over town to know what happened and maybe work toward finding a solution to the problem.

"I tend to mind my own business and don't get involved with things that don't concern me, but I certainly think all this should be brought to the attention of the residents of Brattleboro," Chapin said. "We need to let the perpetrators know that people are aware and are not happy with the whole thing."

Kirkpatrick said he has been working in Brattleboro 23 years and the problem is no better, or worse, than it has been in the past.

He said all sorts of crime tends to spike in the warmer weather and he says it can be hard for the police, with their limited resources, to follow up on every call.

But at the same time Kirkpatrick said the department treats all crime reports seriously and he said it is important that people whose property has been damaged feel like their calls for help are being addressed.

And he said the police rely on people to keep their eyes open and to report anything suspicious they might come upon.

Kirkpatrick said vandalism is a deeply-rooted problem that requires people all over town to work together to solve and prevent.

"Before you can go forward with a case you have to develop probable cause and you have to have an eyewitness who is willing to come forth and say they saw something," he said. "We rely on the community. It is not just the police who can solve this. It takes the whole community to work together."

Howard Weiss-Tisman can be reached at 802-254-2311, ext. 279, or Follow Howard on Twitter @HowardReformer.

Granite Benches are in Place!!

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Many thanks to Paul and his team of strong Parks & Rec Men that righted the Vermont Granite Benches.  At a later date they will be epoxied  to re-bar, and reset.  Each leg has already been pre-drilled for this.

The Bench Dedication will be at 5:15 before the September meeting.

Benches Vandalized

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Creamery Bridge Bench vandalized

On Friday evening 83/2012 or Saturday early morning 8/4/2012 - the Creamery Bridge Park benches were vandalized.  Frankie's was tipped over and Ann's rolled over.

Jerry Nickerbocker reported the vandalism to the Brattleboro Police on Saturday afternoon.  Jerry's daughter RuthAnn called me - to share the sad news.

Frankie & JilMac went to the park and took pictures and then filed statements with Brattleboro Police Officer Gagnon.  To see a larger version of the Statements, click on them.

Bill Jaques of who created and installed the benches will be working closely with  Brattleboro's Parks Supervisor:  Paul Ethier to determine the best way to place the stones so this cannot happen in the future.

Frankie Statement

There is a Silver Lining to this vandalism ... we need to protect our parks & historical landmarks more.
This was our warning signal - we saw 3 vandalism acts over a weekend in the summer of 2011 with a truck burning, burning of a building and other acts.  We know that there is gang activity in Brattleboro - and we can take another step to insure the safety of our children, visitors and volunteers  to our Parks & Recreation areas.  

Frankie's Tipped Bench
Ann's upside down bench

I would like to propose a surveillance camera be installed to monitor activity in our park.  Similar to the Elliott Street & Flat street camera's.  The video is streamed to the internet and can be monitored by police, citizens as well as watched by our Seniors.    Frankie & JilMac will work on this project named "Nag Bags".

The Brattleboro Garden Club has significant investments in hard-scaping, landscaping and plantings.  These need to be protected as well as our towns Historic Landmark, the Creamery Covered Bridge.  The covered bridge is the most visited location in our town.  

I will be investigating what our options are.  Anyone who would like to discuss this - please contact  802-254-8628

Granite Benches Installed

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Creamery Covered Bridge Park, Brattleboro Vermont - Granite Benches by StonePost + Bill Jaques
Sunday - July 1, 2012 the Vermont Granite Benches were created and installed by Bill Jaques of  In time to be enjoyed by everyone coming to the Living Memorial Park for the Annual 4th of July day long celebration and activities.

One Bench was donated by Jerry Knickerbocker and Family in memory of Ann Knickerbocker - a founding member of the Brattleboro Garden Club who worked long and hard to make the Creamery Bridge Park in W. Brattleboro, Vermont what it is today.

The Other Bench was purchased from CobbleStone sales for the expansion of the park.  It is dedicated to Frankie Gibson, founding member of the Brattleboro Floral Arts & Garden Club.  She designed the park expansion and has been a Chairperson since the beginning.

The top picture is from the Sidewalk looking at the benches.
to successfully install the benches.

Vermont Granite Bench for Ann Knickerbocker - by StonePost's Bill Jaques  
Ann Knickerbocker's Bench donated by her family

Vermont Granite Bench for Frankie Gibson - by StonePost's Bill Jaques

Frankie Gibson's Bench  
The Granite Benches - compliment the Granite Cobble Stones and 
other hardscape features at the Vermont Creamery Covered Bridge Park.

Bill Jacques shows the Granite Benches for the Park

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Bill Jacques of is crafting the Benches for the Creamery Bridge park.  He has created two benches made from Barre, Vermont Granite.  We viewed these on 4/9/2012.  Pictured here l to r:   Bill Jacques, Frankie Gibson & Jerry Knickerbocker.

Jerry is donating one of the benches in his wife Ann's name.  She was a founding member of the Brattleboro Garden Club
 when they were first designing the Creamery Bridge Park.

The other bench will be in Frankie Gibson's name for all the dedication, vision and work she has done in the park.
Stained Glass Guardian Angel

I like to think of:
      •  Ann as the Creamery Bridge Park's  Guardian Angel, and 
      •  Frankie as the Parks On-Ground Guardian.

     Bill gave us a tour of the stones he has, a history of where they came from, and what uses or applications they might be used for in a future project.  

     However - as you can see from the many shapes, colors & dimensions - you can look at a stone from many angles - and each person will see it - in a slightly different light!  It was truly a creative morning!
The installation of the two Barre Granite benches is scheduled for early June, 2012 and will be installed by Bill Jacques.

This date is dependent on schedules, weather, and resources. 

Engravings on each bench will be 4x8 inch polished 3/8 inch black granite.  These will be embedded and epoxied into the side of the bench. 

 The Creamery Bridge in the Fall of 2011.  Large granite blocks were placed in front of the bridge after the traffic bridge was opened.  

These serve two purposes:
1.  Preventing cars from using the covered bridge.
2.  Seating for the many visitors the Creamery Bridge receives every year.
Creamery Bridge Fall 2012
The Granite Pillars that were originally protecting the Wells Fountain are now Protecting the Creamery Bridge.

You can also see the Wells Fountain granite pillar in the left side of this photo. It is one of 4 pillars that Steve Barrett - Brattleboro's Director of Public Works had moved from the Historical Societies storage.  They are again being used to protect a Brattleboro, Vermont landmark;
Our Creame
ry Bridge.

The Granite Pillars that were originally protecting the Wells Fountain are now Protecting the Creamery Bridge.

The Garden Club looks forward to these beautiful benches are installed.  They will compliment the cobbles, large seating blocks & granite pillars that already ornament & provide seating & traffic restriction in our park.   

The two Granite Benches will have:
  • An engraved 8x4 black granite plaque epoxied into the side of the bench.  
  • The engravings will face the river.  Because of the organic nature of the benches & their legs the engravings will be off centered.  
  • Bill Jacques will determine the placement to enhance the look of each bench.

Brattleboro Town Officials to keep informed on what is happening in the park:
Steve Barrett -  Director of Public Works:                
Carol LoLatte - Recreation & Parks Director:          
John Highter -  Chief Operator Brattleboro Water Dept.
Paul Ethier -     Park Supervisor                                  

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