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Vermilion Ohio Mayor

Administrative Office

City of Vermilion Administrative Office 
5511 Liberty Avenue, Vermilion, OH 44089
Located at the corner of Main Street (Rt. 60)
and Liberty Avenue (Rt. 6)
City Administrative Office Phone: (440) 204-2400
Fax: (440) 204-2411

Eileen Bulan, Mayor

Phone: (440) 204-2402

Anne Maiden, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (440) 204-2402


Monday through Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm


The Administrative Office houses the office of the Mayor, the Service Director, the Utilities Billing Department, the Finance Director, the City Engineer, the Building Inspector and the Boards and Commissions Administrative Clerk and each department's support staff. The Administrative Office staff performs various secretarial and clerical duties for the appropriate department.

The general public can pick up an application for North Central Emergency Ambulance Service, solicitors permits and general information about the city and its services. You may also pay the water/utility bill at the city office. The regular business hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm.

The City of Vermilion is pleased to make available to the public all city information not exempted from disclosure by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio. By notifying the appropriate department of the information needed, we will provide the non-exempted requested information within a reasonable amount of time.

About Mayor Bulan

Mayor Bulan grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. She is a first generation American, her parents emigrating from County Mayo, Ireland. She moved to Vermilion when she married. She attended Lorain County Community College and went back to school for her degree when her children were in college. She graduated from David Myers College in 1996 with a bachelor’s degree in business management.

Bulan began working for the City of Vermilion as Clerk of Council in 1980.  She then moved to the administrative offices in 1994 under Mayor Elizabeth Sheehe and was the Director of Public Service from 1996 until December, 2005.  As well as being Service Director, she served as the Recycling Coordinator, Affirmative Action Officer, and Enterprise Zone Administrator for the City.  She also served as the City’s representative to Greater Erie Marketing (Economic Development Committee of Erie County), Erie Regional Planning Commission and the Metropolitan Planning Organization in Erie County.  She was Grant Writer for the City – bringing millions of dollars into the City.

Bulan has also served as Grant Consultant for the Vermilion Port Authority and was responsible for bringing in funds to develop the McGarvey’s Landing project.  She has written grants for Ritter Public Library and St. Mary School. 

Mayor Bulan is a graduate of the Cleveland State Leadership Academy, as well as the Lorain County Leadership Class. She has served on the executive board of the Vermilion Rotary Club and on the board of the Vermilion Chamber of Commerce.  Under her leadership, the City of Vermilion received millions of dollars in downtown revitalization grants and she helped the City to receive Main Street status.  As president of Main Street Vermilion, Bulan helped lead the way to revitalizing Vermilion.

Bulan was a Lorain County Comprehensive Plan Committee Member, Committee Member of Bike & Pedestrian Paths in Erie County, involved with the Erie Regional Planning Comprehensive Plan for Vermilion, worked cooperatively with Ohio Department of Transportation & Vermilion Township, and served on the Vermilion Township Board of Appeals.  She has served on St. Mary’s Pastoral Council, the board of Family Health Services of Erie County, and the Sandusky-Erie County Community Foundation.

Mayor Bulan and her husband, Richard, have two adult children, Rich and Christy, and four grandsons, Jack, Peter, Spencer and Caden.  Eileen and Richard also own “Bulan’s Boatyard”, a marina in Vermilion.


The Mayor is elected at the regular municipal election held every four years for a term of four years commencing on the first day of January following the election.  

The Mayor must a resident of the Municipality for at least three continuous years prior to election and shall continue to be a resident of the Municipality throughout his or her term of office. He or she shall not hold any other public office, except as otherwise provided in the City Charter or by ordinance enacted thereunder, and that of Notary Public or membership in the State Militia or reserve corps of the United States.  

The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the Municipality. He or she (1) supervises the administration of the Municipality's affairs; (2) exercises control over all departments and divisions; (3) is the chief conservator of the peace within the Municipality and shall cause all laws and ordinances to be enforced therein; (4) recommends to the Council such measures as may deem necessary or expedient; (5) sees that all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the Municipality or its inhabitants in any franchise or contract to which the Municipality is a party are faithfully kept and performed; (6) prepares and submits to the Council such reports as it may require; (7) acts as the official and ceremonial head of the municipal government; (8) executes on behalf of the Municipality all contracts, conveyances, evidences of indebtedness and all other instruments to which the Municipality is a party; (9) has custody of the seal of the Municipality and may affix it to all of the aforesaid documents, but the absence of the seal shall not affect the validity of any such instrument; and (10) performs such duties as are conferred or required by the City Charter, by any ordinance or resolution of the Council or by the laws of the State of Ohio. 

Subject to the provisions of the civil service regulations and the provisions of the City Charter, the Mayor has the power to appoint, promote, discipline, transfer, reduce or remove any officer or employee of the Municipality except those required by the Charter to be elected, and those whose terms of office may be affixed by the Charter. 

The Mayor attends Council meetings but has no vote therein. He or she has the right to recommend and introduce legislation and to take part in the discussion of all matters coming before Council. 

Every ordinance or resolution adopted by Council shall be signed by the President of Council or other presiding officer, attested by the Clerk of Council and presented promptly to the Mayor for consideration before it goes into effect. If the Mayor approves such ordinance or resolution, he or she shall sign and return it to the Clerk of Council within ten days after its adoption by Council, but if he or she does not approve it, it is to be returned to Council within ten days with written objections by delivery to the Clerk of Council, which objections shall be entered in full on the journal of the Council. The Mayor may approve or disapprove the whole or any item of an ordinance or resolution appropriating money, but otherwise approval or disapproval shall be addressed to the entire ordinance or resolution. If he or she does not return an ordinance or resolution within the ten day period, it shall take effect in the same manner as if he or she had signed it. When the Mayor has disapproved an ordinance or resolution, or a part or item thereof as herein provided, the Council shall, no later than its next regular meeting, proceed to reconsider it, and if upon reconsideration the ordinance or resolution or part or item thereof be approved by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members of Council, it shall then take effect as if it had received the approval of the Mayor.

The Mayor has all the judicial powers granted from time to time by the general laws of the State of Ohio to mayors of municipalities of the class of this municipality.