City Engineer

City Engineer: Lynn S. Miggins, KS Associates
260 Burns Road, Suite 100
Elyria, Ohio 44035
Phone: (440) 365 4730
Fax: (440) 365 4790

About Lynn Miggins

Lynn S. Miggins, P.E., is president of KS Associates, a civil engineering and land surveying firm.  She has made substantial progress in growing the business by focusing on core values such as respect for her employees and giving back to the community. Miggins lives in Vermilion, is a member of 
the Lorain County Workforce Investment Board, the Lorain County Chamber of Commerce Board, and 
is on the board of directors of EMH Regional Medical Center.  In 2005, she was honored as one of the Top 10 Women Business Owners in Cleveland.  Miggins has more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of project development.

KS Associates is a professional services firm offering civil engineering and land surveying solutions to private and public-sector clients.  KS Associates’ Government Services Group provides planning, design, bidding and construction administration services for all types of public works projects including new and rehabilitated water distribution systems; sanitary sewage collection and transport systems; storm drainage and management systems; and transportation projects including roadways, highways and bridges.  The company works in partnership with government entities to provide solutions that make the best use of public resources - helping cities plan for and implement projects that provide long-term viability and sustainability for the community.


The duties of the City Engineer are as follows:  

(a)     Attendance at the Following: 
(1)     Council:
               A.     All regular meetings;
               B.     Special meetings as requested by the President of Council. 
(2)     Planning Commission: 
               A.     All regular meetings; 
               B.     Special meetings as requested by the Chairman of the Planning Commission. 
(3)     Board of Zoning Appeals, as requested by the Chairman of the Board of Zoning Appeals.
(4)     Port Authority, as requested by the Chairman of the Port Authority.    
(5)     Parks and Recreation Board, as requested by the Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Board.    
     (b)     Service to Municipal Departments.
(1)     Public Safety Department (Police and Fire Divisions):   
               A.     Attend meetings as required by the Safety Director when engineering advice or service requests will be on the agenda of such meetings. 
(2)     Public Service Department: 
               A.     Street Division:  
                    1.     Plan storm drainage systems, including: 
                              Size of area mains.   
                              Size of other collector mains. 
                              Size of individual street sewers. 
                              Location and size of catch basins and/or manholes.  
                    2.     Plan resurfacing projects, including possibly needed curbing.  Determine the type of material, method of installation and scope of work to be done by the City forces and scope of work to be done by outside contractors. 
                    3.     Determine the specifications of all materials to be purchased for the Street Division. 
               B.      Water Bureau:  
                    1.     Plan water service extension and/or improvement. The designs submitted are to reflect and/or project future capacities needed to service extended areas of the City. 
                    2.     Plan for water reservoirs and/or water towers needed for the City, including the needed capacities of such water towers and/or reservoirs. 
                    3.     Work directly with the Utilities Maintenance Foreman in updating and improving the operating equipment that is deemed necessary for maintaining proper service to the City. 
               C.     Sewer Bureau: 
                    1.     Plan sewer service extension and/or improvement. The plans submitted are to reflect and/or project future capacity capability needed to service expanded areas of the City as well as any sections presently located outside of the City which may become a part of a City controlled water or sewer district. 
                    2.     Work directly with the Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator in updating and improving the sewerage operating treatment system which may be deemed necessary for proper service to the City or the sewerage district. 
     (c)     Technical Advice to the City Administration and Council.
(1)     State and Federal programs:   
               A.     Maintain a program of information and contact with State and Federal departments on funding aid for streets and water and sewer improvements.   
               B.     Upon the approval of Council and the administration, process the necessary requests for grants and other aids. 
(2)     Contracts issued by the City: 
               A.     To advise the administration and Council on the most economical installation of any project being considered. 
               B.     To write the specifications for the various improvement contracts to be let by the City.