Vermiform's 7.62x39 16" Saiga

You may not like guns, and choose not to own one. That is your right.

You might not believe in God. That is your choice.

However, if someone is breaking into your home the first two things you are going to do are:

1) Call someone with a gun.

2) Pray they get there in time.

This is my finished rifle. It's modifications include:

  • Tapco G2 Single Hook FCG
  • Tapco OD Green Gali Handguard with side rails
  • Tapco OD Green Saw Pistol Grip
  • Romanian Wire Folder wrapped with OD Green Paracord.
  • Hungarian 20-Round Magazine with OD Green Mag Pull.
  • Israelie made green IDF Sling with a handy little pocket for ear protection.
  • Inova T1 LED Flashlight with a quick-mount.


Here are a couple of  shots of the rifle with the stock extended and accompanied by it's Mag-Bag.



A view of the paracord wrapped folder.



Here's a shot with the light attached.

I rarely keep the light on the rifle. The light stays on my bedside table with the quick-mount installed on it. This way it stays handy but will attach to any of my rifles equipped with rails if the need arises. 



If there is ever a need to transport the rifle without spooking the "Sheeple", I present you with:

My "Grey Man's Carrying Case".

It is comes complete with a 30 Round OD Green Pro-Mag and a SOG Pentagon.




And since I know alot of you will want to know more about that 5 Pocket Magazine Bag

It is from

AK-47 Magazine Shoulder Pouch

It has 5 interior sections that each hold a 20 or 30-round magazine. It has 2 exterior pockets. One is just large enough to hold an AK cleaning kit that comes with most rifles. The other is just large enough to hold an oil bottle. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and a belt loop.

Best way in the world to transport 100-150 rounds of "No Motherfucker, Fuck You."


And a parting shot, my newly converted Saiga .308