Hello Verilocos!

 Robytypo is a platform for robots to compete others. You can write robots - special Java programs, and see how they fight with others.

With Robotypo, you can:
  • Create your robots, and choose rivals to fight.
  • Gain rating when your robot wins.
  • See the strategies of other robots, and design yours to defeat them.
  • List your robot in the top robots list.

Robots fight with others. Each match has two robots, and consists of multiple rounds. Before each round, each robot sets its strategy for the round. Your robot never knows for sure what the opponent's strategy is, and vice versa. However your robot can know the opponent's actions in previous rounds. It is up to you to create a strategy, and if necessary, analyze opponent's strategy and adjust yours to win.

Robotypo address: http://robotypo.appspot.com