Verified Logic


Professional Profile

I am currently a principal scientist at Rapiscan Systems, where I perform R&D and write software (mainly Java and C++) for various projects. I also am the principal investigator on a number of projects.

Until 2005, I was a staff researcher at what was then called the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (now called the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory), with main responsibilities in scientific software development.

Verified Logic is the name of my infrequently active consulting business. I have worked, a long time ago, as a consultant for Instantis (now part of Oracle), and with Tom Rokicki for Maplesoft on a port of Maple to the Commodore Amiga.

For the details, see my LinkedIn profile.

Old Projects and Software

One of my SLAC projects was a fast detector simulation system called Lelaps.

While at SLAC I also wrote a lot of software for the Commodore Amiga, such as the terminal program VLT and the AmigaRexx support libraries rexxarplib and rexxmathlib, and later software for BeOS.

I was a member of the SLAC milli-charged partical search project, the data acquisition system for which ran on a combination of an Amiga 4000T and an Amiga 2000. The latter checked whether the former was still alive and sent pages to the current person on shift. To my knowledge this was the first experiment run with no personnel present during data acquisition. When an error condition occurred, either the 4000T or the 2000 would send out a text message. I recently gave a presentation about those days, which you can find here.

I designed and wrote the software for the SLAC Cosmic Ray web site, which no longer exists. The main data acquisition system ran on BeOS.