About us


Who we are:

Four  driven  collectors who have joined forces. The name we have taken from the books of Sax Rohmer with his formula character Fu Manchu.



The aim of the association:

The recording of background data on circulation, printing, dust jackets, illustrators, editors, etc. from the years 1920 to 1960 period, especially detective books.



We collect books for years and the last years we find that there is still little interest in the market for these books, because the supply is virtually nil. The individual books can be sold, but most are not sold and left behind. Result they no longer buy these items. Then there is a remaining group of collectors who are not getting any younger. The older generation will stop, whether voluntarily or not, the books come back into circulation, or simply end up as waste paper, because nobody has interest.



Aslong it is possible, get as much information surfaced, write collectors, capturing images of covers. Even more archives visit, the number of editions, pressure data, the performances of books, trace names of illustrators, origin of the images on the dust jackets etc.



For this we need your help, because everyone has or knows something. It is important that you want to share otherwise the knowledge (or book / picture of the dust jacket) lost. From our own experience we know that some books a few times in 10 years apears. Sometimes we know the title, but it is not clear whether the book ever published, and yet he sometimes after 60 years apears.



In order to keep you informed of our plans and progress, we intend to use an irregular intervals some of us heard. What we seek, what we found and what we do. Especially the latter, we have not exactly for the glasses, it is clear to us that first we must get something first to bring something. We try to focus on searching for specific authors, see how far we come and then we take another.



The start is now, yet a quiet start. We have no members / supporters, no capital, no sponsor, in fact we do everything in-house first. We act on our experience, but we are not can do anything ourselves. The entire body of work, covers both original and translated detective. The last group is neglected in our country. Logical, there is less about published, the translated also collected a lesser extent.

Of course you can also make data, everything is welcome. Images like at least 200 dpi as a JPG, it is easier to reproduce.


For questions / comments please contact us.