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Trails Working Group

To collaborate with communities, agencies, and other partners to plan and implement a sustainable recreation trails strategy - building on previous efforts - that will protect landscape health and support robust economies in and around the Verde Valley.

 Serve as an ongoing multi-stakeholder forum for dialogue, coordination, collaboration, implementation and monitoring on current and future trail related issues.

Combine and complete previous trail planning efforts through a robust and efficient collaborative process.

Generate broadly supported recommendations for short-term projects.

Develop and monitor the implementation of a longer-term, comprehensive strategic action plan for trail-related issues in the Verde region including new trail/trailhead construction, maintenance, and information/signage, from planning to completion.

Strengthen partnerships, relationships, trust, and information sharing - as well as mitigate user conflict - among trail stakeholders.

Yavapai County and City of Cottonwood

All trail user interests 
Landowner interests 
others interested


Agreement on short term trail projects to work on as a working group. 

Creation of action teams on these projects and progress on each

Diverse user dialogue and involvement

Multi-user feedback to agencies on trail projects

Moving Forward

The Trails Working Group stopped meeting while River Recreation and other groups were organized. Arizona State Parks and PNF, with key partners, will step into a shared leadership role beginning Fall 2016 and the trails group will become active again.

Quarterly or semi-annually

Prescott National Forest (for facilitation)

Southwest Decision Resources

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