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Economic Development/Geotourism

Promote and develop the economic and tourism benefits associated with sustainable outdoor recreation.

Increase the value and importance of the Verde River as a vital economic asset by engaging the wider Verde Valley community in conservation and sustainable tourism development efforts.

Sedona/Verde Valley Tourism Council

Geotourism Leadership Team
National Geographic

Geotourism Leadership Team:
Municipal economic development directors
chamber representatives
regional economic organizations
land management agency
regional conservation organizations

Sustainable Tourism Advisory Group:
community and business stakeholders

    Developed and successfully launched a National Geographic-partnered website and the Sedona Verde Valley website with their tourism council.
    Established a long-term business and marketing plan using a shared-funding model with the Sedona-Verde Valley Tourism Council
    Worked with the Arizona Office of Tourism to provide funding to their sustainability model
    Integrated “One for the Verde,” a funding mechanism for stream and river improvement projects, and the Red Rock Trail Fund, to support trail development and maintenance, within the Sedona Verde Valley Tourism Council efforts.
    Northern Arizona University conducted a tourism survey to provide regional information for future tourism council efforts. 

Moving Forward

    Implementation of the business and marketing plan and branding effort.

    Ensuring tourism effort adheres to the NatGeo mission of promoting conservation through tourism.

    Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund program and One for the Verde to connect support from tourists and visitors for protecting and enhancing natural resources in the region.

as scheduled

Walton Family Foundation
Department of Interior
Sedona-Verde Valley Tourism Council members