Welcome To The Village Eco Research & Development Center!

"The Village Eco Research & Development Center is a model for growing healthy youth and healthy communities. People are an important part of the environment and we want to broaden the range of people involved in environmental and social justice work to include urban residents and people of various cultural backgrounds."

The Village Eco Research & Development Center is also a recycle center for aluminum cans, news print & magazines, and waste vegetable oil to be recycled into biodiesel.

The Dream

A whole systems immersion experience of ecovillage living, together with classes of instruction, access to information, tools and resources, and on-site and off-site consulting and outreach experiences.

An ecovillage is only different from a traditional village in its ability to be sustained indefinitely into the future. In all other respects, it may have all of the features people in the West have come to expect, like electric appliances, refrigeration, and Nintendo.

"It is a misconception that living in an ecological way involves sacrifice and hardship. Many modern designs for buildings, vehicles, and new materials require no change in habit whatsoever, while reducing environmental impacts significantly." says Albert Bates.

The Village Eco Research & Development Center assists transition towards a sustainable society by instruction in meeting basic needs for food, shelter, energy, gainful employment, and community.

The Village Eco Research & Development Center offers an immersion experience in sustainable living: courses and workshops, apprenticeships, and special demonstrations in green lifestyles. The Village Eco Research & Development Center is a living laboratory with a mandate to increase biodiversity. Sustainable technologies and principles surround you as you study and work throughout the training center---its inn, organic garden, forests, swales and ponds---in a permaculture consciousness, within an outstanding networking community of students and teachers.

The Village Eco Research & Development Center hosts courses with a mix of paying participants, volunteers and disadvantaged and at risk children with special focus on the residents of Maine.

We are always exploring ways that others, particularly corporate and foundation sponsors, can participate in the further development of

our training and demonstration programs. Our immediate need is for sponsors and donors to help us help fund ecovillage experiments throughout the world. An immediate goal is to foster the growth of The Village Eco Research & Development Center (VERDC).

Help us make The Dream come true! Come and join with others committed to restoring the earth through cultural transformation as we explore creative solutions to the challenges of our time.

 All donations are put to effective and efficient use and are very greatly appreciated. Click here to donate using Paypal, or go to our Contact Page for our address.

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