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In day-to-day operations delivering media transcripts to customers, Alan Kelly d/b/a VerbatimIT uses a full-scale proprietary keyboarding input system of encoding English language to:
  • increase accuracy, 
  • increase transcription delivery rate, 
  • reduce operational costs,
  • reduce transcription time, 
  • reduce physical strain,  
  • reduce likelihood of distress related to repetitive actions. 

At is an example of AutoCorrect entries that may alleviate repetitive typing problems.

This database is, like language itself, a work in progress, as language evolves.

NOTE: large file - broadband suggested

Want source code? It's all here here

Legal: You cannot claim this work as your own. 

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Almost as an afterthought

Please do:
- make use of this information, terms, abbreviations or source code for the betterment of human beings.
- read "Legal" (below)
- read "Terse" (below that).

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- harm to others
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