Probe your network activity with this sniffer program and harden it from external attacks. ( click on this image for larger sized one ) it is also zenMAP type program to identify computers on the network. Needs windows xp to run but you can use NMap ( the command line version ) you can find your experimenters circuit board on the network too :) i found my Netduino

Programmers notes

Its GPL and written with Delphi 32.

It does NMAP ids and some other packet information using the MAGENTA network library and WinPcap. Make sure you download the latest version of those packages.

Before we go on note that the sequence of packets arriving at our port (eleven) our computer
from port (one) target computer to check on the network.

It is pinging our ports in sequence this means that is probably a router or server  on our system !! ( which is correct it is a Linux Ubuntu server machine ( IBM R60 laptop ) that serves pages to my home network. click on the link above to get more info on how to setup the server software )

:)  hee hee we got somewhere on our system mapping exercise.  Note you should probably do this on your own system not on somebody Else's system as any packet monitoring may be detected as a system attack itself especially with nmap's multiple script based checking.

How to use it

In part 1 you start monitor to see where the packets come from then when you have a IP address
you are interested in then you can click on the NMap port list tab at the top and you will see the screen
below ( without any text in the black area ) click on the Start Nmap button highlighted in blue.

Part 2 after you have found the IP address you are interested and clicked on the blue button then use the Nmap detection will start to find the OS details of the machine that is interested in you. In this case I am pointing it to the router on you should see the words

Warning  OSSCAN results may be unreliable because we could not find at least 1 open and 1 closed port.

This is good it means you have hardened the system/router so much that even Nmap can't find out who it is.

Get it ( zenoprobe.zip under the network security heading ) here

How I used it to find my Netduino Plus IP address

Make your own Linux router

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