Wr703n TP-Link router help page for english speaking software operation

Hi here is a help for English speaking software for the TP-Link router and flashing it to other software like OpenWRT ( I bought the Chinese version off ebay by mistake but I was going to flash it anyway so ... )

Stage one is to converse with the software from the factory you can edit the Auto Eth0 file that is in the network manager to have the values  netmask Gateway
and the next line too if you want (not sure which value worked but both seem ok together )
same as above just with 0 in third octet ( third group of number separated with the dot )  netmask Gateway
click on connect automatically checkbox too.
You should note two cups opposite each other on the bar at the top of the screen if you are using Ubuntu 10.10 in the network indication area top right of image above ( click it for larger )

Login with admin and password admin
You should have the page above displayed to your browser if you put in to the URL section at the top.

To upload go to the last entry in the left menu in Chinese then to the 3rd entry to start upload
then click on the left button when it asks you if your sure you want to upload ( in a small dialog box which comes up after you select the file to confirm your action )

login in with Openwrt Attitude Ajustment

Sydney Hackerspace has a daughter board for it so you can expand the USB ports at Kean Electronics Want a prebuilt kit then you need a miniPwner its a pocket sized router and os based on Openwrt.
minipwner home a penetration tester and dropbox for 99 US on their site but i would like to make my own using the Aussie made board :)
 ( just hook it up to a system at the back of a computer to use nmap to test system security from the command line.  Running Windows no problem here is my Zenoprobe link free penetration software or you can use Zenmap.

All this is not enough? want a case too ........ try this link