How to use winRFA and nVidia plug ins to edit Battlefield Vietnam Arsenal files

 Find the files you need in the archive for the menu and texture editing.

(hint files are called something like menu.rfa and texture.rfa) all the flags are based on the  Khmer group of images. For example (in list on the picture above click to enlarge images) you will need a DDS editor (Direct Draw Surfaces) can be edited using Using GIMP DDS plugin or the DDS plugins for Paint Shop Pro plug ins from NVIDIA website just make a directory in the correct place for plugins and copy the files there. I still haven't found all the pictures (the one for MACVSOG) but you can hunt about in those files or others in the (your install dir) Battlefield Vietname\mods\BFV_Arsenal\Archives directory. Sorry if my slashes are dyslexic its too early in the morning.

also menu\flagicons and menu\selectscreen\overlays have khmer files.

Here is a picture of a program called RFA convert i have written in Delphi to do Open Source editing of Battlefield Vietnam showing open source message and Creative Commons GP stamp.

Above shows the nVidia plug-in after you edit your file and hit save make sure you clicked on generate MIPS check box. Then repack them using WinRFA.

Some caveats beforehand editing these files may corrupt your installation of BFV and you may have to reinstall so make sure you backup all files edited until your comfortable with editing them :)

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