Walking Group

A walking group that i am a part of. Click on the picture to see bigger image its a group run by CRS (Communist Rehabilitation and Stretching group  it helps us to be purged of fundamentalist ideals hee hee) Talk about anarchism while you walk or just enjoy the breeze and trees or

splash a toe as you look for some nodes see warDusb.

This is two people from our walking group.

Spring ducks in their nest. Click to see the baby ducks in the middle of the picture.

 Flower bed. (dont forget to click on this one to expand it and use it for a background for your desktop if you want its about 14 meg in the large image you can even see the garden hose this was taken end of September by 10th October 2009 (date this page was made) they had died ah impermanence its all about lately .... like a Jade Buddha moving slowly around the world .......


 Jade Buddha (click to see larger then click to make even larger again) i snapped this photo while walking through Darling Harbour in Sydney about 2 months ago while walking home from the CRS walking group.... its apparently traveling around the world like a mote of dust ..!!!

Oh last picture from the Red Dust Storm we had in Sydney last month at about 7 am.  I took it from my balcony and they say there isn't climate change?!!!?? I have never seen a red storm like this EVER in Sydney in my whole life of appox 50 years  ...........

don't forget to see the associated Dalai Lama visit page for more pictures of the walk for the environment and billboard mock ups .........my main page here Main Page

 Oh and last but not least a picture of our black cap (white shadow) group and the War Drive van (looking for vacant nodes for the needy, elderly hackers of our community) picture care of Pedro head of the South American arm of our group. VIVA LA REVOLUTION COMRADES..!! HASTA LA VISTA to economic fundamentalism (advertising photoshopped out by me replaced with PAD logo).  Also solidarity to Egypt and Tunisia in their new found freedom.

by the lotus pool of the Buddhas.

A cooler day in spring.  Wearing my favourite Greenday T-Shirt and looking a bit fuzzy.
Thanks to Kim Limbe for the photos.

All of us together again chilling out hmm maybe Michelle taking the photo this time.

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