Tutorial 2

Tutorial using a demo version of Milkshape (i can't update as my version ran out :(

The start of making your image is to make a Desert Air Force Patrol Helmet, Camp External Perimeter Guard Helmet and Taser for your figureExperiment here as it is hard to get it right first time next we need a nice texture i recommend at this stage going open source and using the old Gimp

Now back to Milkshape 3D i then went to the materials tab after selecting the helmet in the Groups tab this then gave our helmet a nice camoflage finish :) now we need to click on assign and it should come up in the 3D view (note if it doesn't check you have textured view enabled it is found by right clicking 3D view). Now we need to merge the helmet with our human model and we can also scale it here so we can see a nice size for our model. The good thing about having the helmet as a separate object is that resizing is easy now we must attach the helmet to the skeleton so when our model turns that helmet turns with it otherwise our figure will turn its head and the helmet will stay in its previous position!!!!

Use the Joint tool in Milkshape tools menu and click on the above (Assign unassigned vertices to the nearest Joint) this will attach the helmet to the top part of the skeleton so that when your model moves it will move together. Note your human figure must have a skeleton for this!!!

Now we need to put it all in a form that the MDL format will understand in Milkshape there is a export function in the main file menu that will export the object in to Half Life internal model format (SMD) you will then have to compile it with another program in the Tools menu tools Half Life then Compile QC file. This will make the package with all our textures in the right SMD format for Half Life to recognise. If all goes well you should see a small window appears at the bottom of Milkshape with the progress of the file compilation we can have a error here if you have used any textures that have more than 256 colours for this compilation program.

here is a example QC file if you need one DesertPolice2.qc (you may need to change the paths for your own locations etc) hmm next step? is to copy the files produced to the Half Life directory and try them out.

O i forgot to change the uniform you can do some cool flood filling (using the pattern option of the flood fill and use the pattern you made with Gimp) in Paint Shop Pro this will give you a uniform for your nasty UberWatch Officer note that the Swastika is reversed for the image to appear at the right place and because I am a Buddhist I can't use it in that form.

Here is a link for a human model or use this model of a Bundeswehr soldier here that i got from a free site on the internet in Milkshape format Security.ms3d you can use the textures you made in the step before or here is some i made in the Gimp and also from a image clothing map for a model  downloaded from 3D-Resources.com
http://www.3d-resources.com and created by Psionic
 here is a preview image for it

Also a great tutorial for creating models here and using the Milkshape proggy

No responsiblity taken if you blow up your program because you havn't backed up stuff K? its a pretty involved task and I writing this late at night but it worked for me today :) have fun and Mod On. Or go to next tutorial for this project hand crafted helmet in  polygon reduction or skip to the tutorial to put it all together. I am now doing mods for Battlefield Vietnam you can find those at PAD or edit BF2 flags and other DDS format files in gimp here