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This is a page about privacy and the Tor security/privacy program suite (see caveat  below also note that this program at the time of writing is free of addware, virus etc but always check with your own anti virus before installing any programs)
Note the green text saying Tor enabled in the bottom right
corner of the browser this is a great feature of Firefox/Tor integration that lest you turn off security for sites you don't worry about too much. (adds extra speed for browsing video, shopping etc) but see my browser habit and captcha info here here is my email tor help for Linux and Chrome

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Here is Google saying i am from Denmark today yesterday it said  Canada woohoo and not even a 100th the CO2 of a jet's
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Here is another way to check your browser IP and anonymity it says my IP starts with 85 (ie Denmark)
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needless to say i'm not from there me maties :)

Ok how to set it up?
now go to download Tor button on right side panel
now click on 3rd from right "install bundle for windows"
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save it to the hard drive

hmm ok got the software? ah ok here is how to do that

find out where you put it on the Hard drive (you remembered didn't you :)
ok run the setup
"E:\Tor Browser\Start Tor Browser.exe"
and this windows comes up (you may get a status bar come up telling you the connection progress)

ok now the button in the bottom right hand corner should say Tor Enabled
not like this

here is how to change that (click to see larger image) right click on the Tor Disabled text
and go down to the Toggle Tor Status to turn on
(click to see larger)

Another program that may be installed at the same time is called Privoxy
it is a private proxy program  and just helps speed up the programs reads and writes to the internet.
Ok now one last thing you may need now is to change your icons and browsing habits ....... :)
Click here for more info on that. Here for
TorTroubleShooter page

If you can't understand this site and want bigger text for it please contact me details on main page
(caveat these programs only do so much in guarding your privacy you need to also do things
like change your public email etc to a different provider that uses encryption etc no program is perfect and no responsibility assumed by the writer of this help )

"They seek him here they seek him there those dang Proxies seek him everywhere"

paraphrased from

-The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Emmuska Orczy

UPDATE 1/2/12 new browser called Aurora now used under Linux

Tor for Android phones and SuperUser setup for using Tor as a relay on Android

Back to manual setup of proxies for privacy or if you want a email program then .........

Um click here for TorMail  or if you are running Tor the onion address is here http://jhiwjjlqpyawmpjx.onion/ you can get free secure email there ( um i havent been able to get it to work lately and using non-web encryption called mailvelope ), nobody knows your IP address when you log in ( doesn't encrypt the mail ) for encryption you need my program called dogpound47 bye and happy hacking :) 

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