Thai Trip and Suan Mokh Aug to  Nov 2008

Below is a group photo. Care of the global cyclers from their last picture they are in Perth Australia at the mo and are travelling the world ..

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 Nightime in Surat Thani monks in boat ceremony note middle picture below has UFO? in top left corner must be one of those flying candles.

 Above right one of the skeletons is the remains of  Miss Chang Mai (now you like me one day you be like me :). used to visualise impermanence (change of the body) at the monastery grounds.

My cell in the Suon Mokh international retreat center with the famous wooden pillow you get used to it actually and it becomes quite relaxing. The truck on the way home and colourful blankets dry on lines outside.

Next temple in Surat Thani and monastery in Koh Samui  they have a retreat every 20th of the month there.

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