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This is a page for me Stephen Jones (formerly Ven Virupa) of the Theravada tradition I have lots of goodies here for you from links to Buddhist sites and political blogs that i like to programs i have written for your computer. Please Enjoy the screensaver offered to you and download it here. More savers here


First sites are for me to test linking to files this next link is a screen saver that i have made using OpenGL and Delphi. (screen shot below kali''s yantra from the configuration screen) what is a yantra?

Download it here it uses animations from Electric Sheep to display them in 4 zones ( QuadraPhobia.zip )


kaliskull.scr ( full screen preview the skulls look up and down in a rotating movement ) all screensavers from here can have a image saved by pressing the home key ( above the cursor keys on the keyboard ) 6 deathmasks rotating around a pentagram.

Also a similar one i call HeraScreen it is a Eyes of Hera ( reference to Xena and Hercules series intro ) style screensaver that you can use as a picture creation tool the deathmasks circle around the eyes.

Here is a desktop picture made with the screensaver program above ( hit home key on keyboard
and there will be a 1280 by 1040 at 3.7 mb called heragrim.jpg in the windows directory ) click on image below for full screen view )

A more traditional Tibetan style Tanka drawing of a altar with votive fires.

Changed it to this on because I like Kyu too :) you can still get this one its just not in the main archive

Download it from here there are 3 in this pack hopefully (if i have put the archive together properly :P

This one is called kaliphony.zip

You can watch pixiphony the video that inspired the saver above from a band called kyu.
Here is their page on youtube and triple J  and myspace

''You spell out my desire but not necessity
I'm alone, I'm alone, but it doesn't mean I'm lonely''

there is a screenshot below lots of V type masks occupy 3D!!!

Bye from mother Kali :)

 Kali links

 Above picture thanks to iconimago (site link not working so dude get back to me soon hey?

Yahoo groups for Kali

The yahoo link is open to discussion of  Tara, Inanna, Isis, Diana, Coatlicue, Freya, the Virgin Mary, Queen Mabb (merlin) or any other female divinity from any tradition, ancient or modern although lately i tend to avoid Yahoo site/tools/chats etc  since their involvement with the Chinese government and giving information about users to them here is a link to boycotts and other protests one can make against large organisations that interfere with basic human rights. You don't travel to countries like that (for example China) do this instead go to nice inexpensive friendly  Buddhist places like Thailand. Here is a link to my new main page.