Welcome to the good ship SSD lenovo :)

This will be a install help for those wanting to upgrade the S10-3 Lenovo notebook computer to solid state drive
( and what you can do with the left over drive to make it into a stand alone drive for storage )

Parts needed to do this hack. Oh and i am disclaiming any responsibly for any damage see my waiver document on the main page if you don't understand that document then please don't proceed also may void warranties or manufacturers replacement rules )

Notebook or Laptop like the one mentioned above.

I used a OCZ 128 gig drive these have fallen quite a bit in price as of today 15 August 2012 they are 89 dollars for the SATA 2 variety. ( they were about 2 times that price last year this time ) the old internal drive is a Scorpio drive that is SATA 2 so we keep it simple although you could probably use a SATA 3 here.

External DVD drive with Ubuntu 10.04 disk to reinstall your system and e220 modem for updating after install.

A  2.5 inch to USB 3 external case for the old drive to make a portable drive for transferring stuff or storage about 12 dollars on Ebay.

Phillips head screwdriver ( possibly jeweller's type ie very small  one to fit the screws on the notebook underside of the s10 notebook )

There are 4 screws on the underside of the notebook hatch that lets you access the drive and memory parts of the computer undo those and you will see a drive like the picture above that has a plastic cover ( that covers the drives breathing hole lol ) anyway the plastic sleeve on the drive is attached to 2 rails that go on the left and right of the drive unscrew the 2 screws and pull out the drive and unscrew the rails from the drive so you can now attach them to the SSD and put the drive back in after clipping the data cable onto the new drive.
I had a problem here as the screws needed to be tightened even more as it is a snug fitting.
Put in a Ubuntu 10.04 disk and boot it from a external drive ( need to adjust the bios here to boot from the external device select USB-CDROM )

you loose your Windows install as it will stay on the hard drive I don't think this is much of a loss as Windows 7 starter IS SO SLOW on the S10-3 that Ubuntu is about 100 times faster from boot to internet access.

Faster and cooler operation. Also a extra external drives for transfers etc.

Extra cool hacking opportunities:
You can see if the Windows 7 Starter can be booted from the external drive afterwards.
 How to install USB broadband modem on Ubuntu server and IBM system as a router for your home network.